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Castlevania Coming to the PSP... And it's a doozy!


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Konami just officially announced that 'Symphony of the Night' & the very rare 'Rondo of Blood' are coming to the PSP in a special "Dracula X Chronicles" pack. Rondo will feature a new 3D version (but still play the same), but also an untouched original 2D version. SOTN will feature the original 2D version, but with a new translation.


Video clip...


Official details from 1up...

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This is great news...I don't own a PSP, but this will sell me the system easily. My lovely PC Engine version hasn't been played in years (and was barely played at all) thanks to a crappy console. I (like a few others here) have been waiting for this game for a decade. I still have my Gamefan magazine with a 3 page article on Rondo of Blood (as an import).


This is ball-drainingly good news :) I consider the 2.5 remake the bonus...the original port is what I want.


Just waiting on XBLA SOTN :)

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Well, it's finally out. Came out the same week as I got my GoW PSP demo, so I finally plunked down the cash for a PSP, alongside the Dracula X Chronicles. As I stated earlier, this is a game I've waited a LONG, LONG time for. I actually own the PC-Engine version, but my (purchased on ebay) console failed years ago...it was never worth getting a new one. All of that said, I didn't think to purchase a Memory Stick for the PSP, so I'll be going out AGAIN soon to get one. But I still played about a half hour last night.


And had a blast. The CG sequences are great. The gameplay is old-school, although I like the 2.5D look. I'll still play through the original when I open it, but it's nice having the choice. Bundling in my fave game of all-time is an added bonus (PSX SOTN), and they even tweaked it a bit (playable Maria). Sadly, I got to Maria in RoB but had to exit without saving it. I can't wait to dig in for real soon.


Well worth it for old school Castlevania fans, and anyone who has never played SOTN.

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The playable Maria on SOTN is pretty much something they moved over from the Sega Saturn port of Symphony. Though they have apparently changed the quality of her gameplay to better fit the game. The voice acting and script have seen major changes as well (some good, some not so good). I've only played the first hour or so of Symphony as I'm deep into the Rondo remake at the moment.


As far as the remake goes, it's quite good. The 2.5D visuals are pretty nice and the gameplay is maintained nicely (though Richter is a tad sluggish overall in comparison to the original). The remixed music is really rather good and I love that you can unlock the original tracks and assign whatever music you like to each level. Maria is also an unlockable character for Rondo and she definitely adds a good bit of variety to the game.


Thus far I'm aobut 40% complete (as far as progress and unlockables are concerned). I've unlocked Symphony, the original Rondo, playable Maria in Rondo and a slew of music. The original Rondo is emulated wonderfully and gets a new english translation that mimics the remake. If anyone needs any help unlocking the original game, playable Mario, or SOTN let me know. I'll be happy to pass the info along.


Nothing much more to add here than to say that for $30 bucks, this is a Castlevania fans wet dream.

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It's not easy getting used to the difficulty level. Maria helps a bit, but this isn't an easy game. And this is coming from someone who did beat the NES Castlevania back in the day (and CVIII). It's a pretty big treat for a CV fan, though.


I've also unlocked SOTN, original RoB, some music, and playable Maria (plus I found Tera). How do I play Maria in SOTN?


Take care,


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Beat the 2.5D RoB...not easy. They added a new form for Drac, and it's a bitch. I have to admit, I realy, REALLY love the 2.5D sprite action. Lots of great details and new gameplay possibilities with it. I'd LOVE to see a SOTN done like this. Blasphemy to some, but it's a gorgeous game, and I'd like another game like it. A sequel to SOTN would be even better. Now onto the original RoB, and finding the rest of the music. And SOTN with Maria.


An awesome purchase for 30 bones.

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