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Question for DirecTV HD users


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I just bought a new JVC 32" LCD HDTV tonight and I hooked it up to my H20 receiver via HDMI and when I turn to the HD channels it doesn't really look that great. I don't know if it's the TV or the feed from DirecTV HD. Before I bought this TV I watched HD on my little 17" Dell LCD HDTV and I did not notice any of this. When I watch on my JVC now, almost everything on the screen "moves" if that makes sense. There can be a stationary object in the background and when I look at it it has little blocks that seem to move around all the time. It's very annoying and I'm just curious if it's the TV or if its normal.



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I've been pretty critical about DTV's crappy picture but I think some HD programming is OK (that is slightly below "good"). The biggest problem I have with their HD picture involves how their compression handles fast action. I am always seeing artifacts where (I guess) the receiver isn't decompressing images fast enough.


I know it's not my TV because I've seen this on every DTV HD set-up I've had the opportunity to view.

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