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Anti-Videogame Documentary coming


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This looks really well-done. Check this out:


If we don't stop videogames, the polar ice caps will melt in just ten years time causing Europe to fall into an ice age.


The funny thing is, that these types of propaganda movies, like Bowling for Columbine, Inconvenient Truth, etc... are usually just preaching to the choir. All my liberal friends saw "Inconvenient Truth" while the conservative ones just make fun of it. So for this documentary about videogame violence, the only people who would see this type of movie are the politicians who support "protecting the children" at every turn, and the people like us who want to see it just to get pissed off and complain about it.


Will mainstream parents bother to watch this? Anyway, the production values look really good. So at least we know a lot of money went into it.

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Well, I for one will watch this movie. I agree that most of these documentaries that have an agenda are completely biased and preaching to the choir, but I'd like to hear a viewpoint that is so completely different from my own. The fact that the trailer made it look like our society was at the cusp of a social collapse because of Grand Theft Auto is the most ridiculous viewpoint in my opinion, but I'd like to know why these people are so adamant about getting that message across.

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