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Happy Birthday Leslie (Chatakinns)!

Romier S

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Awwwww, thanks guys! I have been so busy with the new job and all, I never get the chance to hop on and post much of anything anymore. I do read what everyone is doing though, and get a good laugh at some of the topics. So I am here lurking a lot on Cal's name. And I always refer people who are looking for good gamers to my fav site LCVG. I have had a lot of laughs with some of you, and I can't wait for that special game to come along that brings us all together again. When we can pull JoBoo off of the sports binges and Orpheus away from his GuildWars. Then I know it's a good gaming time to be had.


Romie, I tried to send you a message the other day, but you were in the process of logging off when I logged on. Happy birthday dude, don't stay a stranger!!!



Love you guys, you make me smile. I have passed along a lot of the pictures you used to post here to other people and I am " The coolest" because of you. (think Spidy-wang) No one else can top the things I get from you all.

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