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Strange Quake 3 problem


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So the other day we decided to break out Quake 3 at the office for a little after-work fraggery. We figured that a game that old should run just fine on anyone's machine, and besides, it was a hell of a lot of fun when it came out, so why not now? Only problem is, I've had a hell of a time getting it running on either of my machines.


First, I tried on my desktop, which is running Windows Server 2003. Thought this might be a problem, and it turns out that whenever I try to run the exe, I get a "Q_strncpyz: NULL src" error from the console. I tried different screen resolutions and compatibility modes, but nothing seems to work. It's only got a radeon 7000 onboard, but that should be more than enough for the game. I get the impression from the internet that it's an OpenGL/driver problem, but there really aren't many drivers out there for server machines.


Not a problem though, cause I also have a WinXP laptop, and I can get the game to run on there. In that case though, the problem is that when I'm playing, the keyboard seems to do some really strange shit. I'll be moving forward, let go of the W key, and then I'll keep moving forward for a few seconds about 1/3 of the time. It's not keys sticking, it's more of a software issue. It's almost like the game is too powerful for the machine, but the thing is that these lags aren't accompanied by any graphical slowdown. I could even understand if this was on a wireless/external KB, but this is right inside the damn laptop!


Do either of these errors look familiar or make any sense to anyone? Is there something inherently crappy about the keyboard encoders in Dell laptops that makes them suck for gaming?


This is a great reminder of why I quit PC gaming though :)

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