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YES! Freedom Force 2 a go.

Romier S

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Ah, Romier, you dog, I just saw this and rushed over here to post and you beat me to it. I too loved the original Freedom Force and am very, very glad that they're doing a sequel. I love the concept too, the idea of doing the whole versus the Nazis idea is positively brilliant and should be great fun.


Hopefully they'll include a full co-op mode for the main campaign this time and also allow your created heroes to power up over the course of the main game, which were both issues I had with the original.


Man, I can hardly wait for this. Neat crap like being able to fling manhole covers is always welcome. I can't wait to re-create my heroic alter-ego, The Lounge Lizard, with his deadly static cling and Disco Inferno attacks ;).


For those of you who are the least bit curious about the game, EA has re-released it in jewel case budget format a while back. Definitely fun.

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I haven't even finished the first Freedom Force. I'm only on the third scenario but I'm enjoying it. It's a game that gets some playtime in between my priority games so I don't put too much time into it.


I'll have to finish it before the sequel comes out, though. I love the idea enough that I would like to support further incarnations.

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Super-Hero RPGs are so rare to come by (i.e. you have Freedom Force and not much else) that it's worth supporting it for that reason alone, let alone that the game is wicked fun.


I remember drooling over the screenshots of the Champions game in the old early 90's CGWs and being so crushingly disappointed when the game never arrived. Freedom Force makes a great substitute, and it even looks like they're bringing back Nuclear Winter! That's genius, he's my favorite section of the first game.

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Despite the fact that everybody is taken with that OTHER superhero game, I am not planning on neglecting the original good superhero RPG, Freedom Force!


GameSpy has a preview up for Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich and it sounds sweet.


For Freedom!


Remember if you haven't played the original and thought it looked neat, EA has it as part of their gray jewel case cheap collection right now for like ten bucks. Worth it at three times the price.


Plays well on older systems too :tu:


Edit: Oh, and I deserve some kind of medal for actually remembering this topic and dredging it up from the dead :green:

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