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FS: Zenith DVB-318 DVD, region-free, upscales over component


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Hey guys


Got one of those famous Zenith DVB-318 DVD players up for sale. If you have an HDMI/DVI less set this is one of the only Faroudja DCDi equipped DVD players that will upscale over component and AFAIK the only region free one. And honestly it's only good at 1080i - 480p and 720p show color bleeding.


Not sure if anyone on here would want it, but I figured I'd offer. I know there's a few of you with CRT HDTVs that would benefit a lot from an upscaling DVD player over component video.


It STILL sells briskly on ebay for over $100+ 2-3 years since they stopped making it. I'll do $100 shipped. Includes remote (fast forward/rewind wheel is a bit sticky sometimes). I'll throw in some component video cables and optical audio cables if you need 'em - I've got plenty extra.


I hacked it to region free a few years ago - my wife watches her imported Ally McBeal DVDs on it.


(BTW these were also popular with the projector folks because it has a tweakable multi-setting Zoom. People using anamorphic lenses use it to create 2:35:1 on a projector without sidebars...otherwise normally requiring a HTPC).

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