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LCVG Online Schedule Week of 2/11-2/17


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I will start up a room at around 8:50 tonight for COD3 to give people a little time to see if they can get in


If you cant get in make sure your 360 has a static IP (do not have it set to automatic), and that make sure that IP is DMZ'd on your router. If you had to send your xbox for repair, the 360 does not save the network settings to the HD , those are saved on the system itself. So the new box needs to be given the settings again. If one person is not set up correctly, it will stop others from joining up.

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Oh yeah. Love the party system in Resistance.:tu We had a few funny run in with some of the masses, but all in all some really good games. I got my third pip tonight and am on my way to my next rank.


I swear to god I'll be on for Rainbow Six this week by the way. My time has been so f'ing limited recently but Im starving for some Rainbow action.:tu

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Son of a bitch. Forgot today is Valentines day. Rainbow 6 might be tough, I should make it tomorrow for Lost Planet.


This is the first Vday in a long time where I haven't had to scramble to get a gift at the last minute. Needless to say I'll be online at 9 PM for R6: Vegas!

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Had a blast with Resistance tonight.. The mics cutout a bit at the end but it was fun..(Sparkz Charge that mic) :)


Agree, Resistance is great. Multiplayer is so fun, I don't have a huge desire to play through the single player campaign. Was my headset ok for the rest of the time? I hadn't charged it in a while so suspect that's why it was cutting out at the end. However, some other times when I have played where guys had bluetooth headsets, they sounded like they were in a tunnel, so I'm curious if mine is sounding that way too. I've had it less than ten days so probably could take it back if need be. Although I sit to far away from the PS3 to make a USB headset work.

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