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Intellivision Lives!

Romier S

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Heres the report on IGN:


Intellivsion Lives!


A snippet:


Intellivision Productions, Inc. announced today that it has teamed up with Realtime Associates and Crave Entertainment to unleash Intellivision Lives!, a generous collection of classic games from the much-loved Intellivision console. Lives! will give you access to over 60 Intellivision titles, including Astrosmash, Night Stalker, Shark! Shark! and Thunder Castle.


Reports thus far see it released on the Xbox and PS2.

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cant see this doing much retail business at all to be honest.


I think you may find retro gaming a bit stronger at retail than that. That package has been available for the PC for quite some time now actually so I'm guessing it probably sold well enough to warrant the switch to the consoles.


I'm curious how they'll adapt for the 9-button keypad, but there are quite a few fun Intellivision games available. I mean, Utopia and Frog Bog would be worth it on their own ;).

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I believe in the drawing power of nostalgia - I think this will be a very popular release with the late twenties and over crowd who have a faint memory of the console.

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Moderation is hard...

That it is.


I'd say that because it is coming out on the current systems - it goes here :)


I would pick this up in a heartbeat. Especially if they put some of the good two-player games on the disc. Oh,how I would love to play Sea Battle against someone again...


BTW - B-17 Bomber was awesome!

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graph, the game you're describing has gotta be Splatterhouse or one of its sequels :).


I <3 AstroSmash.


I hope they include the X-rated version as an easter egg ;).


I tell ya, my only real disappointment is that rights issues will likely keep the D&D games off the package. The 3D dungeon crawl action of Treasure(s) of Tarmin cannot be beat. Er, in that era :P.


Utopia is worth the cost of the package, I can guarantee that. It's probably the first RTS game ever made. Lots of fun with two players :).

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Hopefully a coleco comp is around the corner.


Ah, now, I would love this too, but thinking back to it, the majority of Coleco titles were conversions of various titles, so I doubt you'd be able to come up with enough games to make such a compilation without hitting a bugger load of rights issues. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, it'd make for some awesome reminiscing ;).


I'd love to play Frenzy and Chuck Norris again though.

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