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A hardcore Valentine's Day!


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Found this on xbox.com. It was posted by a guy named Hardcore. Figured with today being the day that single guys (like me) find ourselves with nothing to do. What better way then to heed Hardcore's advice! So without further ado.....




While all your whipped friends go gallivanting off for a night of flowers, chocolate, and extravagantly expensive dinners that could and should pay for video games, the single folk among us will settle down to a seething marathon of gameplay.


What better way to forget that your last girlfriend dumped you after finding out that your "grandma's funeral" was a ruse for an all-day-and-night session of Gears of War?? What better way to soothe the wounds of an embittered breakup than exploding noggins with sniper fire in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six? Vegas?


Take your mind off the opposite sex with these suggestions to combat your angst.


Saw Time

Gears of War has the single most satisfying kill in all of video gaming. Nothing can compare to the grisly, gore-drenched death of the chainsaw kill, and consequently, few actions can provide the same level of satisfaction and sweet revenge. Try hooking up with your online brood for a few rounds of "chainsaws only" and see if your temperament isn't improved. What it says about you personally that hacking your buddies to death with a saw is soothing, I don't care. It's good therapy, and that's good enough for me.


The Thrill of the Hunt

In order to set aside the scar tissue of a particularly messy breakup or argument, one must wholly immerse themselves in an experience. Every fiber of your concentration should be engaged, and there is simply no better game than Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell? Double Agent? for doing just that. Whether you're dropping behind a merc to snap their neck, or hunting down a spy hacking a terminal, Double Agent multiplayer doesn't allow a spare breath, let alone time to think of anything else.


Halo Trance

Even the hardcore can get melancholy on Valentine's Day, and when the romance blues come knocking on your door, it's time to shut your brain down and float away. Your best bet is to load your favorite shooter into your Xbox 360, and let your reflexes take over. For most people, Halo? 2 fits this niche nicely, giving your brain a rest.


Beat Downs

Whether offline or on, sometimes you just need to manhandle an opponent to get that giddyup back in your step. When a first-person shooter is too impersonal, turn to the likes of WWE? SmackDown? vs. RAW? 2007 or Dead or Alive? 4 to pile-drive your frustration into oblivion. There's nothing quite like bashing an opponent in the face with a metal chair.


Valentine's Day will likely never be a favored holiday for the hardcore gamer, but it's a great excuse to unleash a marathon day of gaming. Whatever your ailment or complaint, there's a game waiting to take your mind off the pain, so get to it.


Article by Hardcore




So to those lonely hearts and lost souls...get a helmet on and get in the game! I see you boys (and girls) online tonight...I've got a inch that only a chainsaw can fix! :D

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