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Diplomacy! Let's fight!


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Let's play a game of Diplomacy! Password is: htf.


Works with upto 7 people. Basically, a web version of the classic boardgame filled with backstabbing, double-dealing, ganging up on friends etc. 1 turn a day, so there's no need for constant pinging of it. Anyone interested? If we get a game going, let's use this thread for public messages/posturing/updates, and use the in-game IM/PM system for private emails ;)

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I played this game maybe 9 years ago a couple of times at a coworkers house. We'd spend an entire Saturday playing...it was a lot of fun. I'm interested, but about to start a weeks vacation. I get back around the 26th, if you still haven't started yet and need a 7th person, I'll play.

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Same thing happened to me. If you click the Games link at the top, you will see it listed.




Cool, just did that :)


So this is that game of peaceful diplomacy where we all try to band together and sort out our differences and solve global problems so the earth can prosper and everyone lives happily ever after, right?

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