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Should all games have cheat codes for everything?


Should all games have cheat codes for everything?  

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  1. 1. Should all games have cheat codes for everything?

    • Yes.
    • No.

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A buddy at work made an interesting speech today, basically saying that every game should have cheat codes that allow you to access any game content you want. The idea being that you paid for the game and if you don't (for whatever reason) want to play through normally to unlock everything then you shouldn't have to. It should be up to you.

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I can understand your friend's point, and for certain things it makes a whole lot of sense. For example, in a golf game, why lock certain courses instead of just putting them all out there? On one hand it lets you present a sense of progression in difficulty, as well as giving each one its chance to get attention, but on the other hand, it blocks someone who just wants to play in a particular location. I think this particular example came up around EA's cheat codes on XBLM.


I don't think you can really generalize to "all games" though, since there is so much that is very game specific. For something like Gears for example, playing the last level wouldn't have been near as interesting had you not played the first four. The multiplayer maps were all available from the get go though, since there was no good reason for there to be a progression.


I suppose as long as it doesn't affect anyone else though (i.e. giving cheaters an edge in multiplayer), then I can't see why it hurts anyone. After all, you're just ruining the game for yourself-kind of like flipping to the end of a book early.

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I hate cheat codes.


But - let's go with this scenario.


I have Tekken Tag Tourney on my shelves. It took forever to unlock all the characters. You had to beat Tekken Force, a poorly programmed side-scrolling thingie, to get one of the characters. It took probably 30-40 tries to get it right (a few of us taking turns).


If I lost the memory card or it died, it would be very frustrating to unlock characters again.


So I think it would be OK to re-unlock unlockables. But I don't care about cheat codes in general.

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Oh god yes! Some games like the Tekken Tag Tourney or the Mortal Kombat Deception game had horrible side quests that were not worth the time to get the new characters! I don't like using cheat codes but if i'm stuck on one thing for 3 months after trying everything in my power to make it by then you know what's going to happen? I would be so frustrated that I would trade the game in.

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Yes, but I think a game developer/publisher has every right to put them out there for sale.


Let me be clear, a standard needs to be set up:

1. No paying for cheats on System X when System Y has them for free in the same game.

2. No paying for cheats unless EVERYTHING that you're paying for could also be unlocked if you chose to play through - and make that distinction clear.

3. No using "bought" items online (weapons, cars, etc) that give you an advantage, unless the folks you're playing with also have them.

4. Upload progress in a game to a server, so if you lose a game save, you don't have to pay to unlock game items that you've already unlocked, or if you play on another system, those items can go with you.

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I don't see any reason to not include cheat codes with the game. We all know every game has them so dev's can play through their games without dying. Why not leave them in there? Some games (Oblivion for example) would be fun to mess around in with crazy cheat codes at your disposal. There are games like Oblivion where I just dont want to invest the time it takes to unlock everything let alone finish the game. Having a cheat that gives me health, gives me money, unlocks content, or boosts my characters abilities can be fun to exploit for those who dont want to take the time to "earn" them.

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If you're a loser like me who doesn't have time to play videogames and unlock everything, I think cheat codes would be nice. I don't even think I unlocked so much as a costume in Dead or Alive 4 - however if I play the game with friends one night it would be nice to be able to play as frickin' Helena without having spent 50+ hours trying to beat the game enough times to do it.


As for whether or not they're included with the game, I'd rather they put them in a hidden envelope or sealed spoiler-page if they're insistent on doing so. If not, I can easily just go online and get what I need.

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