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Game recommendations for N64


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Hey all, I picked up a N64 last week and was wondering if I can get some game recommendations. This is what I've got so far:



Perfect Dark

Jet Force Gemini


Donkey Kong 64


Games I'll be getting:


Mario 64

No Mercy



Majora's Mask

Mario Kart

Excitebike 64


Any others that you guys would recommend?

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Yep, Pokemon Puzzle League. I never played this version, but it's just souped up Tetris Attack with a Pokemon theme, except JUST barely describes it. Tetris Attack, or Panel De Pon as it's actually known, is my favorite puzzle game period.


We used to burn through three hour chunks of time just playing it in residence during my university days (in residence :P). I can't recommend anything else, having not played the system, but I can safely say that that's an awesome time.

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