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Sega Nomad (LCD Handheld Genesis)


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I am selling my Sega Nomad... :(


Although it pains me to part with it I just don't use it anymore. It is the original Sega Nomad handheld, the screen is in pristine shape and no dead pixels to this day. Comes with the original battery pack and an AC adapter. If you are not familiar with it, it is a portable Sega Genesis with a 320x224 LCD screen and built in 6 button controller. It plays all Sega Genesis cartidges (even the tall ones). It also has a video out port to play games on a regular TV just like the old Genesis system and even has an input for a second controller on the handheld itself. This is an amazing handheld IMO - general info and a pic at the link below.




Asking $100 shipped (I'll even overnight it if you want)

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Why don't you PM Jason and get it over with.


I saw that vamp had last posted in this thread, figured he'd picked it up. I swear I almost just PM him before posting a thread in the FS forum.


But I guess not.


I used to get a lot more wear out of portable systems...when I was able to play games at work...but not in the last few years :(

And definitely not now with the new dayshift/real responsibility job.


I still drool over it though. Those things are just kewl.

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