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There's and interesting little blurb over at Entertainment Weekly about the new season. Apparently, Parker and Stone are keeping the plot of the first new episode under wraps until it airs:


"If it got out what it was," Parker says, "someone would try to stop us from doing it before it got on the air." Impending controversy? Hooray!


Here's what they did tell us during our recent chat:


- They've got so many good ideas, it's hard to pick what the first one should be.

Seriously, Stone said, "Please write that we've got so many good ideas, it's hard to pick what the first one should be." And apparently, he's not joking. As of Monday, the duo was still deciding which of two top-secret ideas should air first. (Yes, that means at least one other episode this season will be making "someone" pissy.) Parker credits their wealth of story lines to a particularly fruitful February writers' retreat in "geriatric" Palm Springs, where distractions were limited. "Yeah," Stone says, "we got to go places where it's not that fun to be."


They are thinking about doing an Anna Nicole Smith episode, and one of them will parody "24". Also of note, you will be able to download uncensored episodes on iTunes starting this season. I wonder if they mean that the cursing one be bleeped out or if they will simply offer the shows as they aired without any content restrictions.

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The 'Good Times with Weapons' episode is going HD on the Live Marketplace and HD DVD:


...on Tuesday, March 6, Microsoft and Viacom will release the first-ever high-definition episode of the Comedy Central series South Park exclusively on Xbox Live Marketplace.


For the first two weeks of availability, all Xbox Live members will be able to download the episode, titled "Good Times With Weapons," for free.


Additionally, from March 20 through April 3, Best Buy will offer free HD-DVD discs featuring the episode with any purchase of an Xbox 360 console, or the HD-DVD add-on player.


South Park's eleventh season begins Wednesday at 10 PM on Comedy Central; new episodes will appear on Xbox Live Marketplace the following week.



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Apparently Trey and Matt have decide (or were forced) to reveal the plot of this week's episode. Here it is:


New cases of people using the “N” word are on the rise in an all new “South Park” entitled, “With Apologies to Jesse Jackson,” premiering on Wednesday, March 7 at 10:00 p.m. on Comedy Central.


While the citizens of “South Park” must contend with the widespread use of the racial slur, Cartman fights a midget.

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Can Butters "pray the gay away"?

An all-new "South Park" premieres on Wednesday, March 14 at 10:00 P.M. on Comedy Central


Butters' dad does what any good father would do if he believed his son was bi-curious in an all-new "South Park" entitled, "Cartman Sucks," premiering on Wednesday, March 14 at 10:00 p.m. on Comedy Central.


When another one of Cartman's practical jokes puts Butters in a compromising position, his dad is determined to "straighten him out." While Butters is at a special camp trying to "pray the gay away," Cartman realizes the joke is on him.


Poor Butters.


I wonder if they'll bring up the fact that Butters caught his dad at a gay bath house awhile back?


There's a video preview on the South Park website, but it could be from just about ANY episode of South Park so not worth checking out.

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I refuse to accept I am the only one who thought it was brilliant too.


As the end of every episode says... Believe It!


I thought the episode was alright. The Cartman stuff, especially him showing his photo album at the start was very funny. The Butters stuff didn't do all that much for me though, it was the same "Yup, I'm confused" and "I'm bi-curious" jokes over and over and kids killing themselves (which I didn't find all that funny... the logic part of my brain kept thinking "how can this camp which makes kids kill themselves all the time continue to exist").


I will say one thing though. South Park does the best gay characters. I loved Pastor Dan's dancing and prancing.


The formula works better when Cartman and Butters are interacting more. In this episode the only time they get is when Cartman is trying to stick his dick into Butters' mouth. Ahhh poor Butters.


I guess you and I just look for different things. I thought last week's episode was far better than this one. Maybe this one will grow on me like Free Wilzyx, but it will probably end up being another Die Hippe Die. Ok, but not great.

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Oh for me with South Park it is almos always about the little things. For example, one of the funniest bits in this week’s episode I thought was Kyle hitting Cartman and his slight delay in responding the way he begins with an “Ow!” which then after a pause becomes and “Owww” and then “yeraaagh” and finally “yuraaaaaagrrrrrghhhhh” as he runs away. I was in pain laughing at that.


I definitely agree that the Cartman side of the story was the strongest element though.

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I thought that was pretty funny too... especially since he kicked the crap out of the midget last week. Cartman's threshold for pain seems to vary quite a bit depending on the situation.


One of the biggest laughs South Park has given me recently was in the old Season 2 episode Clubhouses which I watched the other day. Stan was sent to Mr. Mackey's office for a note


Mackey: "Now, young man, school is a time for learning... Mmmkay not for immature skylarkings."

Stan: "What's skylarkings?"

Mackey: "You know, like tomfoolerys."

Stan: "Who?"

Mackey: "Oh, your parents are here..... Thank you for coming on such short notice, I was just disciplining your son for his skylarkings."

Randy: "Stanley I..... Skylarkings?"

Mackey: "Mmmmkay"


That word skylarkings sent me into a silly fit of giggles.

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Stan hitting cartmen... whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaa again instant classic with Cartmans reaction


One of the others that got me was at the very end.


Mr Mackey: Cartman I got a note from your mom, it says dont show the picture she found the orginal under your desk, she said you would know what that ment? MMkay



Cartman: Lame

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Finally got around to watching this on DVR and really liked it. :)


My DVR cut off the end of the episode right as Mr. Mackey walked in and says, "Cartman, we just got an emergency note from your mother." What exactly happened after that?


Take a look at my post right above yours

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