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Scratches RPTV

Rob B

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Well typically those scratches aren't really on your screen, they are on your screen protector. In fact, some people remove their screen protector to eliminate glare and so as to get a less distorted picture. So with some instruction perhaps you could simply remove your screen protector, and your picture quality would be even better.


Of course, if you kids, or if you play ball in the house, you could break or damage your actual screen, which would be very bad. I myself have my daughter's dirty handprint on my TV screen, and have been too affraid that I would make things worse by trying to clean it. So I welcome any advice here for cleaning my RPTV's screen. Sorry to hijack your thread.

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No kids here, but my wife scratched up our RPTV screen (thankfully just the screen protector) when she brushed up against it with the vacuum cleaner. It wasn't very noticable so didn't bother me that much. However, once I got the Wii, that bright white screen really shows off the scratches and has now become annoying. I'll probably end up removing the screen, but that means I'll have to do all the vacuuming. :lol

So again no helpful advice other than I feel your pain, and will be thankfull to anyone who does have a good solution.

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My son scratched my screen protector using it as a racetrack for his matchbox cars. When I investigated solutions I was told there was a product made to fix scratches in fish aquariums that would solve the problem. I was afraid I would do more harm then good, so I just live w/ it.:(

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