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TVersity/Xbox 360 streaming


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Hey guys


Since the xbox360 streams video and stuff I thought I'd give it a shot.


I installed TVersity and the 360 patch. I set up the 41952 port (IIRC) on my router with the redirect to xxx.xxx.xxx.2 (which is my 360). Is this correct?


Everytime I try to detect the PC on the 360 it doesn't find it on the network.


The 360 is on my belkin router which is wirelessly bridged (WDS bridging) to the other, main wireless router. It should look like a hardwired connection to my main router.


I used the Wii Opera browser and redirected to my PC with the :41952/lib at the end and I can get to TVersity from the Wii which is plugged in right next to the 360.


Any ideas? Anybody good with the streaming stuff?

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I gave it a shot, but had the same problem. Finally ended up just sticking with the built in media player stuff for audio, and Vista's Media Center for video (with the Videora converter). Might give it another shot if I get my PC and 360 in the same room, but going up and down 2 floors to test things just got a little annoying :)

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