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Blockbuster giving Halo 3 free for Canadians! (or $10 more for Collector's edition)


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Just got this email from Blockbuster.ca....





Trade 4 previously played games and get Halo 3 FREE! (or get Halo 3 collector's edition for $10) (see promotion below).





Fine Print:

*Offer valid for a limited time at participating BLOCKBUSTER? stores in Canada. Trade in four (4) previously played games on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS2, Xbox or GameCube, in the same transaction, and pre-purchase Halo 3 on Xbox 360 for FREE. Or, trade in four (4) previously played games on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS2, Xbox or GameCube, in the same transaction, and pre-purchase the Halo 3 Collector's Edition for $10, Customer responsible for taxes applicable to retail price of product before trade transactions. While supplies last. Four (4) trade in's may be cross formats, but MUST ONLY be X360, PS3, Wii, PS2, Xbox or Game Cube games. No old formats will be accepted for this promotion. Trades MUST include boxes and instructions. Limit one Trade promo per customer per day. No dealers. Offer available on Games otherwise eligible for trade-in in accordance with BLOCKBUSTER?S standards for type of Game, condition of Game and packaging, and which are on BLOCKBUSTER?s then current list of titles accepted for trade-in, all as determined by BLOCKBUSTER in its sole discretion from time to time. Games with damaged cover art may be accepted by BLOCKBUSTER in its sole discretion. Must be a BLOCKBUSTER member to pre-order and have signed a trading agreement to trade. All trades are final and are subject to TradingTerms and Conditions available at store. Title list and amount of store credit subject to change at any time without advance notice. No cash, only store credit will be given for trades. Participating stores only. See store for full details. Bungie, Halo, Halo content and Halo characters are copyright of Microsoft.




SWEET! I'm in....but what does the collector's edition have? What about the Legendary edition too? What do you guys think?

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Not bad.

The CE is probably going to be similar to the Halo 2 CE.


This is an attempt from a 2nd (or 3rd) tier game retailer trying to secure your purchase before the big guns roll out their marketing plans for Halo 3. Blockbuster is willing to take the loss to get you in their doors.


Your only risk is that you may not get it from Blockbuster on the day of launch. If that doesn't bother you it looks like a nice deal (especially if you trade Xbox, PS2 or Game Cube games).


I doubt the higher tier game retailers will make offers much better than this. They will likely be better suited to get you the game on the launch day but they have more to loose by offering deals. Still, waiting for better deals might be something to consider.

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If it's anything like last time, there's a minimum trade in value for the games. They had a similar promo with Gears (and a bunch of other games), and the 8 Xbox/gamebube games I took in were all under their threshold. Ended up trading Kameo and Pd0 for gears (since it was 2 360 games at the time).


I'll have to stop by and check it out though-thanks for the tip.

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Yes here's the catch. Talked to my friend who's a manager for the store here in Goderich. The games being traded in MUST give you at least $7.50 Canadian back in credit. However all xbox 360 titles and PS 3 titles register as $7.50 credit!


So here's my list. Chromohounds (not what I thought it would be) NHL 2K6, Mortal Kombat annilation and Halo 2 (don't need it with GOW and Halo 3!)

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