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Xbox Soft Mod question-memory card file structure

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Has anyone else here done a softmod on their original Xbox? I have the files for the splinter cell exploit, but the problem is that all the methods I've seen to load them on a memory unit refer to using a gameshark or action replay. I wanted to try using a friend's modded xbox to get at the card, and I managed to get something on there, but I think I messed up with the directory structure. The zip files with the game saves had a UDATA folder, and then a folder with a hex ID (likely the title ID) with some files underneath it. I copied both saves (the splinter cell save and the loader) into UDATA on the MU-is that correct? Should the MU not have a UDATA folder on it and instead have something that looks like .\5553000c\ and .\21585554? I can't seem to find any information on what the file structure of these things is supposed to look like (it was a pain in the ass to even find out that the MUs are mounted to static drive letters in XBMC).

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