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LCVG NCAA March Madness 2007

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Whaddya think Rain? Will Durant be able to get past UNC? That's where I have them going down.

I seriously have no idea about this team. They are still far too streaky, but if they can get streaky at the right time, I like their chances against anyone. (I want Final Four, but I think realistically Elite 8 is the safer bet)


Your guys, however, look to be the real deal (this late-season mini-skid notwithstanding). I can see them doing some serious damage, and a Final Four appearance wouldn't surprise me in the least. If you guys can make it that far that'd be stellar - and I wouldn't want to be the team facing you. If the Aggies get that far, they should be grooving - and very dangerous.

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Hey Fellas,


Since I don't see an actual pool set up yet, I'll post this information for the one that I run. It's not LCVG exclusive, but might be worth your while anyway. It's $5 per entry, 2 entries max. Details below in the email I've sent to my contacts:


Hello Everyone,


It's that time of year to make the most seasoned

college basketball fan squirm as the casual observer takes all of our

money. If you will recall, my wife took last year's

pool with her uncanny knack of simply liking Joakim Noah's hair and

selecting the Gators to take it all. It was her first ever entry and

you can rest assured that I've been reminded of this a time or two

during the year. This year, I hope to have more participants than ever

as the field is wide open.




As always, each bracket is $5. Here are the rules:




1. Each person may complete a MAXIMUM of 2 brackets, no more. One is fine, but no more than two.




2. Entries must be submitted in this private group on Yahoo, the link

is at the end of this email. Paper entries or brackets on another site

are not considered. Your entries must be complete and if there's an

error in your field, no money is refunded. We will all be able to see

each other's entries once the tournament begins and scoring is updated

after each set of games is played.




3. Payment must be postmarked by Monday, March 19. Please, please,

please get the payment in ASAP. Last year, several folks were late and

that caused the winners to receive payments much later than normal.

Send payments to:




Rob Pierce


1632 Cary Ct.


Owensboro, KY 42301




Also, on your payment, please include your real name and team name so that I know which entries have been paid.




4. Winner gets 80% of the pot, Runner-up gets 20%. I hope to have 50 entries this year.




5. Pass this email along to friends and family as they're welcome to

enter. I ask that you don't post this for random people, but your

friends are my friends and I'm glad to take their money.





Yahoo servers are slammed just before game time and once the tournament

begins, you can't change anything. I highly recommend you complete

your picks by Wednesday night at the latest. And, really, if you don't

know by then, a few more hours won't help you pick George Mason in the

Final Four.




Here's the official Yahoo email. Just follow the directions and please

let me know if you have any questions. Thank you all for participating

and good luck!






You have been invited to join Bassmasa's (Rob Pierce's) Private Group named "Lane Violation" in Yahoo! Sports Tournament Pick'em. In order to join the group, follow this link:














When prompted, enter the following information and follow the instructions on screen:




Group ID#: 88679


Password: lookoutkansas






Good luck everyone!

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I just filled out my bracket at CBSSportsline.com Getting to work on the ESPN one right now.


I'm guessing Kentucky will flame out in the first or second round this year. Tubby will be lucky is he is around next season...the fan base is not happy (me included).


I haven't been pleased either. Given other coaches' consistent level of success at other schools, it's amazing that Tubby has kept his job. Furthermore, it's sad that I got used to the idea of losing. With the exception of two/three of his teams, he's had some piss poor teams.

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Our recruiting recently has just been horrendous. I am pretty happy with the freshman class we have now, but the sophomore and senior classes have done very little to help Kentucky over the past two seasons. That on top of the fact that Tubby hasn't developed the three McDonald's All-American's he brought in in 2004 just makes the coaching seat that much hotter.


There is no reason why Kentucky shouldn't be an elite basketball program all the time. We just completed construction of a $30 million practice facility that has been praised as the best in the nation. The fan base here, while demanding, fills Rupp Arena for every game. How many kids can play college athletics and say that 24,000 fans watched them at every home game? Oh and the women on campus are pretty smokin too ;).


Tubby's slow offensive style has scared away a number of recruits over the past few years. Everyone thought Branden Wright was a lock to come to UK but he told a number of reporters that he "didn't like our style of play" and chose North Carolina instead. Tubby has shown a good deal of stubbornness regarding his offensive systems. You would think that he would adapt his offense to the players he has, but he doesn't seem willing to do that.


My gut feeling is that Tubby will be back next season. The AD here will likely force out a number of his assistant coaches (he tried to last year but Tubby refused) and give the Tubbster one more shot. However if Morris bolts for a free agent contract in the NBA and we don't score Patrick Patterson, we could be looking at a NIT berth next season.


Any of you Gator fans want to part with Billy Donovan? :)

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I'll go down to Rupp and boo Louisville if you like

It would be greatly appreciated. :) I saw one of the SI columnists say something like "the selection committee should have just saved the Louisville fans a bit of gas money and moved the game into their home arena a few miles down the road." I still don't understand how that happened.

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