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What got you into the industry?


Foolish optimism.


Seriously, I've been looking for the right concept for a while and I've been working on opening this place for the last year. It's called WOW Cafe & Wingery (it's a young, New Orleans-based franchise). Our focus is fresh food (my chicken, for example is fresh, never frozen), with a depth of flavor you won't find in your average restaurant.


I'll give an example. Say you like fried mushrooms. When you order fried mushrooms the ticket comes up by the fry station. That's when the fry cook opens the cooler, reaches into the cooler, pulls out a couple handfuls of mushrooms out of a produce box, and hand-breads them and fies them.


So they aren't frozen, canned, sitting under a hot lamp or coming out of a bag pre-breaded. It's good stuff. If mushrooms aren't your thing for an appetizer, we make our own salsa and cook our tortilla chips there.


We do wings and tenders like nobody's business, although the quesadillas, salads and burgers are a personal favorite. The salads and wraps are my "go-to" for everyday eating, though. I like the grilled, boneless, skinless chicken breast we make for the salads and wraps, although some people prefer grilled shrimp (or even fried shrimp or fried chicken). We use zero-trans in the fryer, but still, the fried stuff isn't for me personally on a daily basis.


It's great stuff. Romier will be required to come down and report back to everyone as soon as we're open. Anyone else willing to travel is also welcome, unless you wear Dallas Cowboys paraphenalia. Then I'll have to throw you the fuck out.


I got an article in the paper I'll link to as soon as it's online.


EDIT: Oh, yeah and it's a cool place to eat in. It's a real nice look, with plenty of TV's around, including a TV in each booth. Trendy colors without being annoying. I'll post pics as soon as I can.

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It's great stuff. Romier will be required to come down and report back to everyone as soon as we're open.

You know I'll be there with Sara in tow and I'll happily write up the first LCVG review Jay.:tu I can't wait to try out the food. Your description along got my mouth watering.


Congratulations Jay!

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Great job, Jay. I can't wait to get down there and check the place out. I've never personally known anyone who worked as hard for as long a time in the face of such adversity as you did to get your place open and I can only add my congratulations to everyone else's, along with my sincere admiration for your efforts. I absolutely cannot wait to taste the (almost literal) fruits of your labors. :tu

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My place is located at 1193 Loucks Rd, York, PA 17404. That's a little less than an hour from Baltimore, 1.5 hours from D.C., 1.5 hours from Philly and about three days from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan if you only drive during the day.


Like I said, we'll be open soon. Anyone is welcome; just give me a heads-up if you can. And, please, I run a classy establishment. No blasters, no blasters!


Also, I'm putting up a warning sign on my kitchen door that says Danger: Wild Monkeys. Anyone know the Spanish equivalent for sure? I don't want to have a sign made, only to find out from the OSHA inspector that I got the translation slightly wrong or something.

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1193 Loucks Rd, York, PA 17404


So, I took a quick look on Local Live. Is it the building right on the corner? Looks like it was a Denny's back whenever they took that photo.

It seems like a great location. A high traffic flow road, with a plenty of nearby draws for business flow, such as the mall and golf course.

I'm looking forward to your updates on how things go for you. Very interesting. Best of luck man! :tu

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