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Many 360 games on clearance at Target - YMMV

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Found these 360 games (off the top of my head) at clearance at Target:


Wii - Chicken Little - $30?



BFME2 - ~$23?

Fight Night ~$33?

Dead or Alive Extreme 2 - ~$20-$30?

Dead Rising -~$41


a few others


You might want to check your Target clearance rack. The good part is, if no one buys 'em, they'll likely drop again in another week or so. Keep an eye out for a good deal.

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Normally Target clearance items drop in price weekly.



Not exactly true. It's based on sales of the item on clearance. If it is selling well at 15% percent off, it could stay that way for 2-3 weeks. It's only if it continues to stay on the shelf do they mark down every week.

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I checked in to see what prices looked like this week. Everything dropped.


BFME2: $14.98

Far Cry: $19.98

Dead or Alive extreme 2 - $30

NFL Blitz the League - $15

Dead Rising- $30.98

Fight Night Round 3 - $14.98 or $19.98 ( I forget)


I'll keep checking in. If anyone wants any of these let me know and I'll try to have the wife grab it.


Weirdly, the other 2 targets in neighboring cities don't have these on clearance.


Target in Mt. Pleasant had Dark Messiah of might and magic for PC for $14 though. I almost picked that up.

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BFME2 or Dark Messiah would be great if someone happens upon them at those prices.


I know I can grab you Dark Messiah Romier, I've seen that at a couple Targets. Dunno what's up with all the game clearance lately. I've been stopping in at the different targets quite frequently and eyeing up the clearance rack.

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OK, I got 1 copy of BFME2 and I got Dark Messiah for Romier.


I can send 'em cheapy media mail for about $2.


Romier - Dark Messiah was ~$12.50 + tax + $2 shipping = $15.23


Tonner - you got first dibs on BFME2 if you want it - ~$15 + ~$1 tax + ~$2 shipping = $18 or so. If you're not sure if you want it I can chuck it in Romier's shipment since he wanted it too.


You can paypal me at greenmky@gmail.com


They were cleaned out of Fight Night. Still 3 copies of Dead Rising and a few of DOAE2. Probably another price drop next week. Oh yeah, also they had Just Cause for $25.

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