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Tetris Evolution (X360)

Tonner Cyn

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Apparently this title is getting released next week with only a $30 price tag. As much as I do enjoy Lumines, Tetris was one of the first games I really spent a lot of time playing. Still, there's a part of me that isn't sure, even at the reduced price. I mean, after all, it is just Tetris, if that makes any sense.


Here's the achievements:

Tetris Evolution achievements

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I love Tetris even to this day & have bought multiple versions over the years. One thing that's key is that it's very easy to make seemingly simple changes that fundamentaly screw it up & that playing before purchase for me is important. If they messup the timing of drops, or the movement when dropping, the game can become far far too easy. For me.

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So from looking at the screenshots, I do somewhat have to wonder why this isn't simply a Live Arcade title. While it looks like a decent enough version of Tetris - even at $30 unless there are significant modes that enhance the basic game - I don't know that it's priced quite right. U guess one of the things that concerns me a bit is that the single player game (which is usually how I played Tetris anyway) looks like the playing feild is about 1/3 the screen with the rest of it being a static background. And while I'll presume that the music is a bit better - I remember installing a similar looking game from 5.25" discs - is that an exageration - perhaps, but not that much of one. I guess my point being, where exactly is the "evolution"? That said, as long as it plays well, I could see picking it up when it hits the $20 or under range.


Now Tetrisphere on the Wii VC - that would be an instant download :)

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