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1up has some information:


Opoona is not only the game's title, but the name of the main character, as well. Opoona, a descendant of the brave Cosmo Guards, is visiting the planet Landroll with his family, when he's separated from them and find his parents in the hospital for series injuries and both his brother and sister completely missing. What happened? In Opoona, it's your job to earn a license to travel to other colonies and find out. These licenses are different jobs -- rescuer, idol, detective -- and players pick and choose what they'd like to become.


Despite the somewhat serious sounding subject matter, Opoona's art style suggest the game is anything but. Shintaro Majima heads art direction on this project, while Sachiko Yukimura, who has worked with Yuji Hori several times on the Dragon Quest series, joins as planning director. Most exciting for RPG fanboys, however, is Hitoshi Sakimoto, the composer of Final Fantasy XII's excellent soundtrack, penning the music.


In a bit of a twist, Opoona is controlled without touching the Wiimote whatsoever. We only have a brief description of combat from Koei, but they claim movement and "Active Bombom Battle," which encompasses the game's combat scenarios, is controlled entirely by the nunchuck, allowing for one-handed play. Snapping the nunchuck fires projectiles at enemies, whose trajectory can be changed by moving the nunchuck.



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Eurogamer elaborates slightly on the premise:


You play as Opoona, descendant of the Cosmo Guard - brave warriors who strive to maintain peace. On a visit to Landroll he becomes separated from his family. His brother and sister go missing and his parents wind up in hospital, and it's up to you to find out why.


In order to investigate further you'll have to travel across the galaxy, from colony to colony. In order to do this you'll need a licence so that you can get a job. Your initial options will be either an idol, rescuer or detective.


However, once you start evolving relationships with other characters and completing duties, your Tamodachi Level will increase, expanding your options. Soon a much broader range of activities will open up, presenting new activities, adventures and jobs before you.


The other area Opoona hopes to succeed is in combat, by using its Active Bonbon Battle system. You see, Opoona has an Energy Bonbon floating above his head like a hovering ball, and its this you fling at enemies by snapping the Nunchuck.


Once you acquire a target, the bonbon will lock on and attack without fail, making it easy for beginners. However, the real skill comes in when you manipulate the trajectory of the bonbon, fiddling with it in strategic ways to gain multi-attacks.


You'll also be able to play as both Opoona's bonbon-flinging brother and sister, Copoona and Poleena, and the whole game is playable using just the Nunchuck.


As your adventure furthers you'll meet up with Chaica, a skillful fighter useful in your battle against the Dark Rogues. You'll also be able to go shopping for rare collectables, something to show your friends at gatherings, we suppose.



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