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Halo MMO most popular MMO

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I work for a publisher and while working on a project I came across a business case called "The Video Game Wars." So rather than work on the article, I decided to read it first. Here are a few blurbs from the article:


Sony's approach is not focused on

blockbusters. Instead, the company tries to manage the

risky video game production process by investing less,

which has led to lower expenses but also to fewer of

the cutting-edge effects and graphics that video game

fans love.

Two of the most widely known

MMOs are EverQuest and Halo.

EA's new emphasis on innovative

concepts and increased use of teams should make it

easier for them to develop MMOs, while Sony's

emphasis on value will not help.

Which strategy is superior? It may not be either because

other new strategies are also evolving. Small studio

Acclaim is developing high-quality games that it gives

away for free.


Anyway, I called the author to tell her, at the very least, would have to change "Halo" to "World of Warcraft." I took great pleasure in calling the author of a book to tell them to change their content before the next publishing cycle.

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Did you stop with the Halo correction or are you going to let the author sink with those other horrid (and wrong) generalizations?


I could actually live with someone refering to Halo as an MMO -as long as I was comfortable that they knew the distinction.

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Well, I didn't want to push my luck. I wrote up a bunch of things for her in an email, then I decided not to send them, because I would basically be rewriting almost her entire business case for the book. I settled on just the Halo correction, though on the phone I did tell her a couple more things.


She admitted that she writes tons of business cases on things that she mostly does not know about. She depends highly on her sources, in this case, it was Business Week and NYT and other mainstream sources like that.


Still, I felt powerful in a way telling this author of several college textbooks, incuding this one, that her content was a little off.

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