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Ace Combat 6 (360)


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I'd be more excited for an Over-G Fighters 2, but this could be great, too, with good Live support. By "good Live support" I mean some sort of cool team-based gameplay mode like Over-G had (hopefully involving takeoffs and landings).


Agreed. We had some good times in Over G. Take off and landings really add alot to the game.

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These games always look impressive in screenshots. The sky isn't exactly the most technically impressive environment. Pseudo 3D landscapes are so PS2. That shot with the Golden Gate bridge is particularly dull -the buildings and bridge are lacking any interesting texturing.


Honestly, I'm more looking forward to the trailer for this game. Ace Combat trailers are always an interesting mix of Japanese Kitsch, great editing, and odd music.

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Rumored date is 11/13/07 and there is also rumors of a flight stick bundle for $150. If Namco is allowed to ship the same flight stick from PS2 games minus the logos I wonder if they'll work on the 360. I wouldn't mind saving $90 and using my AC5 USB stick.

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