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30 years......

Rob B

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So I turned the big Three-O.


What has life brought me up to this point?


Lets see here at 10:47 am on March 30th 1977 I was brought in to this world In Fargo ND.

I spent the first few weeks of my life in an incubator I was a few weeks premature and came out blue. I'm told that I barley survived the birth process as did my mother.


At the ripe young age of three my mommy and I were coming home from the grocery store in Green Isle. We were driving in my daddy?s 1981 orange Ford Mustang. Mommy stops for the train to go by, but she did not know that due the gravel road, we had slid over the track just enough for the train to catch us. BOOM around and around we slid until the car rolled backwards into the field. I took a flight out of the window and the car rolled to rest on top of me. But I was little and my angel was with me that day because none of the tires hit me. It was just like daddy changing the oil ?sept I was confused and thought the oil was by the gas tank. So out I crawled with just some scratches on my legs crying for my mommy not knowing where she was. I saw mommy running towards me in the field, her angel was with her that day to because she was just fine and had survived. The angel was not with daddy?s car or our groceries. The car was a wreck and our milk, eggs and meat were down one ditch and across the other. My lucky charms were all over the place.


Than roughly 6 moths later we moved form the country and into another house that had wheels this time in Glencoe. Shortly after that Daddy had to leave him and mommy did not love each other any more. I remember I woke up one morning and he was gone. I remember him telling me that night before he had to go how much he loved me and always would. Later that summer my daddy and me took an Amtrak to Duluth, maybe this is why The Gambler- Kenny Rogers, will always hold a place in my heart because it was playing on the radio as we pulled up to the depot. On the train daddy got me some cracker jacks and root beer I was so happy to be with daddy.


Around the age 4 I made some new friends with the neighbor boy and his sister. These two would turn into my best friends growing up and eventually became my cousins when my uncle married their mom. I also got to start seeing my daddy on the alt weekends.


School was an awkward time for me.

The things I remember. I can remember sitting in class with my classmates watching the Challenger climb into the air on that cold January 28th day. After seeing the giant fireball in the sky I was scared and didn?t want to be an astronaut anymore.

We used to get these little news papers called the Weekly Reader and alas this giant ship that sunk on its Maiden voyage was discovered. From that point on I was intrigued by the story and finding any info about the great ship Known as the titanic that I cold find. This was a just a couple of the high lights of my 3rd grade years.


In 4 grades one of the highlights I remember is when Mr. Iverson Brought in his two golden retrievers. These dogs were the coolest they would even sit in the desks like people. Also on earth day we got to from class to class to see what the other classes had done for projects. So I guess even back than I was a science dork.


In 5th grade I had another great teacher by the Name of Mr. Dose and our class put on a production of Wizard Of Oz I got to play the wicked Witch. This was my first taste of being on stage and I loved it. Dose was one of the most laid back teachers I have had up to that point. Laid back but still got the got the message across.


By the time I was in sixth grade I had turned 13 and My mo had gotten me a Limo ride for me and three of my friends. I remember going to Godfathers Pizza in Hutchinson when it was still in the mall along with the arcade. On the drive home we went though downtown Hutch on hwy 15 and being the rowdy kids we were we stood up with our bodies out of the sun roof yelling ?we?re rich and your not?. Boys will be boys.

This was the year I had my fist girlfriend, well so to speak when your 13 lol. Her name was Katrina.


7th grade about the only thing that comes to mind is the Halloween blizzard. I recall walking out and looking out side and saying holy crap.


8th grade turns out my science teacher was one the Price Is Right and showed us the tape of him losing. It was still pretty cool though.


9th grade would be last year in the Glencoe school system I would being moving into my dads place in Chaska and the end of the school year. I didn?t bother to tell anyone just the way it was, only my best friend knew.


I worked at Valley Fair that summer as a park service person aka a garbage man but the following summer I worked in foods and that the summer after that I got to do rides


I recall my first day of Chaska high school my sophomore year very well. I was lost in what than seemed like a very big school. This nice gal named Cornea, who by the way is on my page, took the time to show me were I was supposed to go and walked be there.

Right away I was able to start making friends here something I was never really able to do in Glencoe.



That summer I had the opportunity to take a mission trip with my church. The trip was to Virginia to repair home for the less fortunate that lived in the mountains. It truly was a we;; spent trip being able to help people in need.


My junior year I met by best friend Jeff, who I am still am Best Friends with, I also met the woman that would later become my wife and than my ex-wife.

Finally I had a gal who loved me and I loved back.

We decide we would go to prom. We were on are way back from the dress/tux store in Prior Lake when BAM. Someone had ran a stop sign ant t-boned us. Not wearing our seat belts caused me and her to get knocked around. When I came to she was laying unconscious my arms I thought she was dead. Than some guy was hading me towels for my head it had been split open. They had to take her out with the Jaws of Life and a back board. I was able to walk out under my own power but took a ride in an ambulance. At the hospital they stitched up my head with 100 plus stitches. This was on Good Friday.

I hobbled in to school on Monday my friends were all shocked we survived. Looking at pics of the car after words I had to agree.


Ok on to senior year. I had a enough Credits were I only need one class to graduate so I got to take fun classes. I took home ec and shop and even a film class were we got to make our own movies. Than came Graduation and the all night party where they gave a car one my friends, Mike who?s also on my page got a key to the car but not the winning



Then it was off to college at brown college but alas it wasn?t for me no really job security it seemed.


Bounced around from job to job and found one I liked at place called Davannis were I met Greg Allison and Jeremy.


Ok flash forward to my 21 Birthday and the typical drunkered part to were I had to be carried out of MOA by my friend Jack.


At the age of 24 we found while watching Fantasia 2001 one that we were going to have a little bundle of Joy we had kinda been talking about marriage already and decided this would be a time to do so. We were married in Feb of 2001. Trinity came along in August.

September 9-11- 2001 I remember I was sleeping,, when my wife said they said a plane just hit the WTC. I was have asleep and said was it foggy? No it?s a clear day. I muttered that odd. Than as I?m laying there pondering what I just been told and thinking how is that even possible today with all the technology in planes that something like that could happen. Then I?m putting the pieces together some more NY a Plane WTC I sat up OMG I don?t think??? this is when the second plane hit??an accident. I just remember cradling Trinity, who was only a month old, and thinking what did we bring you into.



Shortly after that we moved out to Hutchinson to raise our daughter.

I had been working at Target and thought I need to do something here. So I went to the local college and enrolled and sales and marketing to get my A.A.S. degree. About a year later we later we talked about having another kid and Izzy was the result of that. Going back to Trin she was almost a year old and wasn?t crawling or walking yet so we brought her in for some tests on Good Friday of 2002. We found out what the problem was she had a tumor in her brain steam and down her spine and need surgery like right now. So we spent that Easter weekend in the hospital. When she came out of surgery she has in a Halo system so her neck and bones could heal properly. We spent 12 days in the hospital before we could go home with her. She spent that spring and most of the summer in that Halo. We hated having to got to place like target and cash wise because people would just sit and stare. So after the summer the Halo came of and she slowly stared making progress even taking her first steps.


Almost a year to the date we went back in for a ?routine? MRI and found out the news you don?t want to hear. The tumor had grown back this time twice as big. This of course meant another surgery anther spring and summer of her in the Halo and of course jackasses staring at her like she was deformed. This time however they were going to follow up with weekly chemo. We got to know the inner workings of hwy 7 by this point.

Chemo was going well as well as chemo can go.


Than in Feb of 04 we were at children?s doing our regular Friday routine of chemo. They drew her blood for blood counts but it was taking longer than normal.

When they came back they informed us that the counts were low and they wanted to draw again to see if it was stable and they could still due chemo that week. When they came back it wasn?t good news they had dropped even more and there was talk of doing a transfusion. This was the rout that ended up happing buy the time they stared the transfusion a few hours later were levels had dropped so much she went into a seizure white as a ghost and a step away from death. My god that is something no parent should ever ever ever have to see. This time in the hospital was about 14 days and she pulled though. They stopped the chemo at that point. Its been since than and so far the MRIs have been clean. You look at her now and minus the halo scars and surgery scar you would never know what she?s been though.


About a year later my wife and mines marriage started to fall apart and the affair had started. I already Bloged about that a while ago so I won?t reach that part of my past.


So than 29-30 the above happened, I got T-boned in nov bloged that too. So with my more recent Blogs this bring me up to date.


I thank those of You that read this in its entirety.


Reminiscing on my life while writing this out brought me some laughter and tears and a calming peace awaiting to see what life was for me around the corner.





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You and I share the same birthday!


It sounds like your life has been filled with a number of trying times but you have persevered. I can't fathom facing some of the situations you have had to deal with in your 30 years on this planet.


I hope that all is well and you enjoyed your birthday.

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Happy birthday guys.


Oh and Bob, I'm sending you some fucking flowers man. Since I can't really say anything of substance that would sound actually sincere considering everything you've gone through with your wife and child...I'll let a little humor speak for me.

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