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Tweeter closing 1/3 of stores

Bruce B

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I'm glad to see that there are no closings in Maryland. About 2 years ago, a coworker recommended this store, as he was very satisfied by a DirectTV installation they did. I was all set to have them do one on our rental house, and the Tweeter store manager suggested I hold off on DirectTV as the equipment was going to be obsolete (HD-Tivo) soon since the satellite signal was going to change. He gave me his card and told me to come back when things got sorted out. I was impressed that he never tried to sell me on anything else, just told me to save my money and come back later. Good customer service in my opinion.

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Tweeter couldn't figure out if they wanted to compete w/ best buy and circuit city, or go high end and compete w/ the niche market. They ended up being somewhere in between which pretty much erased their customer base.


The local high end shops have had private listening rooms (tweeters new "playground") for a long time. I went to http://www.overtureav.com/index.html about 10 years ago looking for a set of speakers in the $300-$500 range, and we were given a room to ourselves for at least 2 hours to just sit there and listen to music on any speakers we wanted. :slayer Try going into tweeter and getting a private room for hours on the potential of a $300 sale.

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Tweeter sucks. I guess their TV selection is OK but the audio side of their inventory is shit. Blah brands and consistently out of stock on anything remotely decent. Pricing sucks too.


Ultimate Electronics, while far from perfect, had done a better job of navigating the "not quite Best Buy but not quite your high end audiophile" segment.

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