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Star Wars Battlefront III coming to Xbox360


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According to VideoGamesBlogger.com Star Wars Battlefront III is coming to the Xbox360. I have no idea how reliable this site is but I am hoping it is true. Two Star Wars games in the same year is a good thing in my opinion.


This is good news in my household. No matter what games I buy for my son on the 360, he keeps playing Star Wars Battlefront I and II (when he has a friend over he will play Star Wars Lego II for the Xbox360).



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I seem to remember reading that it was the guys who did TimeSplitters.

Ah Free Radical. I do remember reading something like that. That has some potential then.


Battlefront II is BC isn't it? It's a cheapie people. Go buy it and we can get some Live matches going.

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Wow I was just talking about this last night with the guys well we were playing R6: Vegas!! Great news! I loved the first two games and seeing a 3rd one on 360 is awesome news indeed! Hey Greenmonkey, here's another shooter for us to play! You can even change the setting so that you can see your guy ala GOW!!!

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