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MySims (The Sims for Wii)

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Gamespot have spent some time with an early build of Sims Crossing, er I mean, MySims for the Wii.


Once you've created your character, you can move on to the game's story. Your character moves into a small, rural town that used to be a bustling metropolis, though many of its citizens have left and many of its shops were forced to close their doors and seal off unused areas. Because much of MySims revolves around the revitalization of your home town, the game will let you get your hands (or at least your Wii Remote) dirty when it comes to urban renewal. Perhaps the biggest aspect of this will be the building creator, which will let you build a one- or two-story building from the ground up, using different preset building blocks. We had a go with the building tool during our demo with the game, and while it's still going to require some tweaking, we were pleased with how easy it was to get a unique building up off the ground in very little time.


As game producers described it to us, building in MySims will be a crucial part to rebuilding your town's civic pride, and many of the game's missions will revolve around building specific structures to attract new residents and businesses to your town. Should an Italian chef move in, for example, you'll be charged with building his or her restaurant. What isn't clear is whether you will be creating this building from a preset plan or will have some leeway to get creative. Regardless, producers told us that there will be certain objects that "mark" buildings as specific uses (such as an Italian restaurant) so that the other sims in town will interact with them accordingly.


It's up to you to restore the town to its former glory, not only by building new houses and items, but also by attracting new sims to come and live with you by stopping off at the town's hotel, where new sims will arrive every so often. You'll also have the ability to screen your neighbors, kicking out undesirables and approving the ones you want to join your town.


The development team expects that players will screen their prospective neighbors based on each one's preferences and personalities. Like in previous Sims games, you'll be able to interact with them using various "social moves" (like "be nice" and "be mean"), but one of the most defining characteristics of your prospective populous is their preferences for housing and items. One townsperson we met in our demonstration was a happy little girl who worked at the local flower shop and who asked us to craft a new sofa using various items and a bright, colorful essence. You can choose to please the sims that love cute, colorful stuff by performing their tasks if that's the kind of neighborhood you want to have, but you could also look to recruit characters who are interested in "spooky" architecture and items (like that skull on the mantlepiece) and build an entire town with darker colors and spooky objects if that's what you're after.


Surrender your wives/girlfriends!


More to read at the following link:



Japanese MySims website

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