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Wipeout Pulse - PSP

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Here comes 2... Although I heard the name and let out a girly scream in the hope for some news on the inevitable PS3 game, it is the PSP that will again in fact be getting the next Wipeout outing in the guise of Wipeout Pulse this September:


WipEout Pulse promises 24 new, reversible circuits to race around in new ships shooting people with new weapons while listening to new licensed music, including songs by Mason, Loco Dice and Stanton Warriors. God I feel old.


You'll be able to race against your friends in ad hoc and infrastructure (Internet!) modes, coating yourself in the liveries of eight new in-game racing teams, including one called EG-X. Good name.


More impressive, Sony reckons, will be in the introduction of a new track element called the "Mag-Strip" - this will lock ships to the surface of the track temporarily, allowing level designers to include things like loops, vertical drops and 90-degree angled sections to mess with your head.


Which, it turns out, they will be doing in seven game modes, with a Training section also introduced to show you everything from steering to shooting - something that's bound to come in handy for gamers more used to wheely racecars.


Finally, there'll be scope for personalisation and showing off, with the option to store your own music (MP3s) on a Memory Stick and listen along while you play, while a Photo Mode will allow you to take shots of your ship and post them online.













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Has this teaser video been posted yet? How about this new interview?


As far as core gameplay is concerned, we've taken everything from Pure and polished and refined it as much as possible. The handling is smoother, the ships are more evenly balanced. We're confident that the control is the best and most accessible the series has seen to date. Pure was a big leap forward in terms of handling compared to the previous games, so we have been careful to evolve it in the proper way. Apart from the mag strips, each of our tracks has what we are calling a Black Run and a White Run. These are alternative routes offering different challenges depending on the speed class and game mode you're playing with.
Outside of that, the biggest difference to the structure of the game is our single player Race Campaign. We've finally given WipEout the progression and reward system it deserves. The Race Campaign takes places over a series of grids, each filled with predefined events - combinations of race type, speed class and circuit. We're still finalising these grids, but we really wanted to give players a proper single-player game to work their way through, and Race Campaign should provide that.
What else is new? There's MP3 support for your own songs, a new HUD that reacts dynamically when you get hit, the ability to take your own photos in-race, and loads more. Basically there's no area of the game that hasn't been looked at and improved upon.
Okay, the straight list is: Single Race, Tournament, Time Trial, Zone, Head To Head, Speed Lap, and Eliminator. The first four are carried over from previous games, so looking at the others, Head To Head is a two-player single race, where we've focused on the rivalry and battling you'd get between two racers. We're trying to differentiate this from a regular race and really push the intensity and personal nature of the race here. Speed Lap is an offshoot of Time Trial, where you're trying to achieve the best lap time possible. And Eliminator makes a welcome return from the pre-Pure games, and that's where weapons will play their biggest part. We have added three new weapons and we should be upping the damage rate in Eliminator so you can expect plenty of action. We also recommend specific ships for the player to use in different events, which ties in to another new feature where you gain loyalty points for the ship you race with. So we're rewarding players for simply racing, which also ties in to our unlock system. And by increasing the loyalty for recommended ships we give players a good excuse to see the full range we have on offer.


Come to daddy!

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Wipeout Pulse is now available in the UK, and to go with the launch of it, SCEE's launched a new website for the series. For Pulse, you can create & save skins for the ships that you can use in-game, which is a cool new feature, and there's online rankings etc.




And it uses Playstation Network for account info, apparently.


The Official WipEout? Website will be the focal point for all Anti-Gravity Racing activity. Starting with rankings and ship skin editing for WipEout? Pulse, and expanding to include functionality for future WipEout? titles.


This little quote suggests the site will cover WipeoutHD for similar features, which is kinda cool.

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IGN AU loves it. MP3 support... Skinning support... SCEE already pledged for DLC... I wants.


WipEout Pulse is the new racer to own on the PSP. It feels better, plays better, sounds better and looks better than every other racer on the system. Hell, it's better than certain next-gen racers that we dare not mention. Sure, it’s not a massive reinvention of the series. But with almost three years free of the brain-frying WipEout experience, we’re just happy to have something new which recaptures the glory days of old.
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Got a chance to play some this morning. It's a great evolution of Wipeout Pure - takes the improvements & style of that, wraps the single player in a nice new structure, and rounds off some more edges to make it even more polished. Instead of the usual linear championship races for the single player, the new grid structure mixes it up. For example, the first grid has a zone race, some single races, time trials & fastest lap. You choose which ones you want to do, with getting 'x points out of y' causing the next grid to get opened up. AI difficulty is selectable at any time before/after a race, with you getting more bonus loyalty points (which unlock extra skins etc) at higher difficulty levels. I really like this structure - I know other games have done it, but it's new to Wipeout & it makes a nice change to just faster speeds (though that's still there too).


Oh yeah, you can build your own "championships" in the racebox mode where you select a series of tracks & modes & then compete through them.


Controls are identical to Pure, and so far, the races "feel" the same in-game.


I'm really impressed with the graphics & track design so far.


A great upgrade/update over Pure. I likes.

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Raced on a track last night where part of the track is above another part - think of it as you go down a straight & instead of curving to the left or right, you end up in a U taking you back over the track you just came down. Very nice seeing the opponents/weapons on the screen above me :)


Tried it online too, utterly painless & straightforward.

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a) It's excellent


B) If, like me, you like the option of homebrew stuff, you've got the rather painful process of upgrading to 3.71 M33-4 in order to get it to load.


c) Dear Lord, do I need a PS3 to play this in HD now.


d) Major Downer So Far: The announcer woman pronounces Assegei Developments "Ass-Guy".

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I picked this up last finally. It's the best Wipeout since Wipeout XL, if not the best Wipeout out there. I almost got caught running over on my lunch today at work because I was deep in the middle of a tournament on the second grip. The reconfiguring of the campaign mode into stand alone grid does wonders for the games sense of progression. The track designs are some of the best in the series. They feel "wider" to me and allow for a good deal more maneuvering and jostling for position. The AI has been retuned and is meaner than ever (the game is a challenge even on mediume). It's just made my PSP one happy little handheld. It's an absolute must buy if you're a fan of Wipeout (or hell a fan of good games in general:)).

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