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Recommend a web design service


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My step mother is a lawyer running her own small law firm. She has promoted her services via the web through a law-specific web service. However, she has grown disenchanted with their service. The service is quite expensive (over 2k per year). Add to that the fact that so many small law firms use the same service -so their web sites all sort of look the same.


I've been answering her basic questions regarding stepping out into the web on her own (getting her own host, hiring a contract web designer, and dumping the expensive service she has been using). She is interested in investigating hiring a contract web designer but doesn't know where to start. A few google searches reveal thousands of such web designers for hire. I was wondering if any of our LCVG'ers knew of any with particularly good reputations?

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Yes! My best friend works as a free lance web designer. His name is Matt Hoy. His contact info is mathew@hellaboss.com. http://hellaboss.com/ is his website. He's also the site coder for another video game site that most of you are also members of called http://www.tehbias.com. Just say that Greg Anderson recommended you to him and he'll set you up and give you a discount. I throw alot of business his way! :)

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I'm actually a project manager for a web design and internet marketing firm and would love the opportunity to discuss the possibility of a new website for your step mom. Send me a PM if interested and we can talk off the forum.





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