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Having trouble finding an audio cable...


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Help! I am looking for a short (less than a foot; six inches would be perfect) audio cable with male 3.5mm stereo connections on both ends. If the connections were the right angle variety, it would be even better.


I checked the places I normally look (monoprice.com and partsexpress.com), but neither has anything close.


Any ideas?

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That's the cable I need, by I need one WAY shorter. I'm hooking my iPod up in my car using a Belking Auto Adapter, which charges and has a line-level out (you must supply the cable). Here's a link:




The audio cable plugs into the base of the Belkin that then plugs into the DC outlet. The Aux In and DC outlet on my car are right next to each other. I am currently using a 6' cable (very similar to what you showed), but I have an extra 5 1/2' of cable sitting on my dash, which keeps getting in the way and/or falling all over the place. A 6" cable would greatly reduce the clutter and right angle connectors would be the icing on the cake.

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Has anyone ever made their own cable? I was looking at these:




And thought about getting two with some cable and making it myself. It would be nice, as I could get the correct length. What I don't know is how the cable attaches to the connectors...anyone else know?


I did find a 1 foot cable at partsexpress.com for a good price, but that's still longer than ideal...

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Crap! Do I need to call them to add a wood block to my order?


To quote Homer Simpson: "And in case you couldn't tell, I was being sarcastic."


Thanks for pointing that out, though; I was not familiar with Cardas before this.


And thanks for the input/ideas from everyone! Sometimes finding these little things is more difficult than anything else...

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