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Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games (Wii, DS)


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Official Site: http://www.sega.com/gamesite/marioandsonic/index.php




Legendary Icons Appear Together for the First Time in Video Game History


TOKYO (March 28, 2007) ? SEGA? Corporation and Nintendo Co. Ltd. today made a historical announcement that two of the biggest icons in the entertainment industry, Mario? and Sonic?, are joining forces to star in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. Developed for the Wii? video game system and the Nintendo DS? system, this momentous agreement marks the first time these two renowned stars have appeared together in a game.


Published by SEGA across Europe and North America, and published by Nintendo in the Japanese market, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games will be available for Holiday 2007 and is licensed through a worldwide partnership with International Sports Multimedia (ISM), the exclusive interactive entertainment software licensee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).


In Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, players will compete in events that take place in environments based on the official venues of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Using a supporting cast of characters from the amazing worlds of both Mario and Sonic, gamers will be able to compete as or against a range of lovable personalities including Mario, Sonic, Luigi?, Knuckles?, Yoshi?, Tails? and more. Innovative usage of the Wii and DS control systems to maneuver a favorite character will allow players to race the likes of Mario and Sonic down the 100m track, engage in exhilarating rallies in table tennis and churn water in a swimming heat, all while competing for the much sought after gold medal.


?We are thrilled to partner with Nintendo and ISM on this groundbreaking title,? said Hisao Oguchi, President and Chief Operating Officer, SEGA Corporation. ?For the first time, two of the world?s greatest games? characters come together to compete in the world?s greatest sporting event and we couldn?t be more excited.?


?Mario and Sonic have been respectful rivals since the early days of video games,? says Shigeru Miyamoto, Senior Managing Director and General Manager, Entertainment Analysis and Development Division, Nintendo Co., Ltd.. ?In fact, for a long time they have been discussing the possibility of one day competing against each other. Now that they have been given the perfect opportunity to meet at the Olympic Games, we may finally learn who is actually faster, Mario or Sonic??


?The Olympic Games represent the true spirit of competition and passion,? said Raymond Goldsmith, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ISM. ?Bringing together intensely competitive and fun characters like Mario and Sonic in an Olympic setting helps showcase the sports of the Olympic Games in a new and compelling way for all generations.?


For further information on this title please visit http://www.sega-press.com for Europe and the SEGA FTP for America at: http://segapr.segaamerica.com.

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I'm looking for the next game to play with my son, after the excellent Wii Sports, the so-so Mario Party 8, and the pretty terrible Carnival Games. But I'm not going to be the canary on this one, lol. I would be curious to hear from other gamer dads how this goes over with the kiddies if anyone is willing to take the plunge.

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