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Router Conflict: UPnP - Xbox 360 and PS3

Dave C

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My xbox 360 requires that I disable UPnP otherwise it goes from an Open to a Moderate NAT. My PS3 requires the UPnP to be enabled to go from NAT Type 3 to NAT type 2.


I'd rather not have to go into my router setup to toggle UPnP when alternating between consoles.


Any suggestions?


BTW, my Linksys router is DMZed and while a bit redundant, I've also opened all the recommended ports for the PS3.

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Yes, when I enable it it goes to a moderate NAT. I've tested it multiple times. Maybe I need to try what Chris suggested, forward the ports for xbox live as well.


Why would it be necessary to both forward ports and set the router to DMZ?


AFAIK you can only put one device in the DMZ, not the whole router. So is your xbox the device in the DMZ?


I think if you forward the appropriate ports that should take care of it.


That said, I think even with a DMZ there is some NAT (network address translation) going on, even if there is no firewall in the way. Dropping the original xbox into the DMZ on my router never fixed my problems completely. Port forwarding and uPnP has worked a lot better (once I found a tip on the internet to fool my router into opening a port it didn't want to open).


Aha! Found you an answer for your DMZ/uPnP problem.






Do not mix and match portfowarding with UPnP and/or DMZ. Each of the methods should be used on their own. Do not turn on UPnP and expect to be able to setup a DMZ or Portforward.



So the DMZ is fine but when you mix it with uPnP it doesn't work right. You'll have to set up the port forwarding. Holler if you need help with it.


BTW: you don't necessarily need to set static IP addresses for everything to use the port forwarding. I have mine assigning addresses automatically. The IP addresses for your devices shouldn't change unless you manually re-assign them or you set your router with a very short lease time.

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You should only be able to DMZ a network device - not the router. In my case, I have my PC in the DMZ (I really shouldn't). I have uPnP enabled on the router, and I have forwarded the ports for Xbox Live and PSN.


I get "Open" on my 360, and "Type 2" on my PS3.

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