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I'd love to play some poker with you guys but my friend is still up and if i make it online tonight....it might be with friends. But I would like to try poker sometimes. A bunch of us playing would be fun...it's not so fun playing with the masses as they just keep going all in all the time! :(

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I played co-op GOW with Dave (GrMk) earlier today and we talked about playing something tonight. I don't think that I will be on until 11PM EST or so. So I guess I'm out for the earlier session anyway.


Anyone up for some late night (at least for your east coasters) gaming??


:tu :tu :tu

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Ill be on a little after 9 so we can do some Vegas co-op or even some co-op Crackdown jeff. The other night it didnt save when i logged off and i had to get all those orbs again. Pissed me off. I did find a easy 10 point achievement though I can show ya

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Sorry guys. With Easter weekend coming up and such, I'm seeing alot of old friends that have moved away. I'm sorry Dave for not being able to join you in Gears last night. Hopefully by next Tuesday things will be "normal" again and I get back to my regular scheduled :chainsaw: night. My friend rented Fusion Frenzy 2 and Crackdown and we were playing those last night, night before...etc.! :)

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Sorry I missed ya last night Joey, it seemed like every time I fired up a game I got called away, after 3 times I just gave up and wouldn't you know it, no one bothered me for the rest of the night. I may be able to do some GRAW 2, if I can put down GH2 that is.

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