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PC Haywire when using CD/DVD drive...


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Where should I start looking to correct this problem?




Whenever the drive is accessed either when burning or ripping, or even when playing a CD/DVD, everything on the computer runs slow and jerky (including the CD/DVD playback.


-The mouse is skittish.

-Sound effects and music playback warbly and choppy.

-when typing, text is slow to appear and has to "catch up" every few seconds.


Durring this time the system idle process remains the highest for cpu usage. The CPU usage graph looks like a seismograph with lows in the teens and highs up to 99%.


This all seemed to start happening after a windows update, but which one I have no idea. It's been going on a while, and there have been many updates since. I kept hoping it would self-resolve, but now I'm getting very annoyed.


This is 2.2 Ghz PC, with 1GB of memory running windows xp sp2.


Any advice/hints on where to look for problems is much appreciated. I've run spybot and other spyware tools with no improvement. I even bought the PC pitstop software hoping it would provide a quick fix, but no joy.


I have also used various rippers/burners/playback software and they all have the same problem.




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I'm sure it wasn't starforce, and I'll confess I had no idea what Starforce was until you said it. But, in searching Starforce, I came across mention of IDE and DMA versus PIO. After a few more searches, I eventually led me to this site:




I ran the doo-dad and rebooted, and it's back to normal.


So thanks, Jay! Your one-word answer question set me on a path that led to the answer! Damn, you are good!


I'm good to go!




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