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Tiger Woods 2008

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Wow, the features they describe here are going to be very welcome in this "new" generation of consoles.



Best news: No Ass-Face.

And the answer to the question all of you are trying to ask is no, you can't create Ass Face.


"The first thing we tried to do," Taramykin says, "is create Ass Face. Thankfully that won't work."

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More courses would be a huge upgrade.


Only 3 new ones bringing the total to 15. Better, but still less than current gen, 3 games later. It will be interesting how the game plays and is received now that development has been handed over to the house of Madden.

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It works pretty well. I used the vision cam and it output a bald guy that looked like he was related to me. Some tweaking and some prompts from my wife have now created a golfer that she thinks looks just like me. Except the lighting wasn't the best when I took the photo, so it looks like he has a black eye.


You can also upload a front and side profile to EA's website and then download them from in game if you don't have the vision cam. But if you take a look at easportsworld.com it looks like they got slammed with a lot of people doing this and it took their server down.

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