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Lord of the Rings Online: Crack of Doom Kinship

Dave C

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Kinship: Sammath Naur (Crack of Doom)


Server: Landroval


Player List:


* Crack of Doom Kinship Member


Forum Name - Character Name / Race Class (Profession/Vocations)


*1. Dave C - Pilinedhel / Elf Male Hunter (Forester/Woodsman/Woodworker/Farmer)


*2. Whooter - Janica / Man Female Burglar

Saelrian / Elf Female Hunter

Thralin / Dwarf Champion

Sapphira / Hobbit Female Guardian


3. Orpheus - Rhianna / Elf Hunter

*Killroy / Dwarf Guardian (Armorer)

Rheya / Man Hunter (Woodsman)

Velouria / Man Champion (TBD)


*4. Magness - Magness / Elf Champion (TBD)

Caine / Man Lore Master (TBD)


5. Sparkz - Iolric / Man Male Minstrel

Skarlin / Dwarf Guardian (Armourer)


6. Romier S - Thalaras / Guardian (TBD)

Anyya / Elf Minstrel (TBD)


*7. Brandon H - Aquamarina / Hobbit Female Burglar


8. Kelley - Tiola / Elf Female Champion (TBD)


9. Covak - Covak / Elf Hunter (TBD)


10. EnemaEms - Enemariel / Elf Female Hunter (TBD)


11. CaptDS9E - Matrok / Dwarf Guardian (TBD)

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I'll schedule a date and time we could all hop on to accept kinship invites.



LOTRO Resources:


Official Forums: http://forums.lotro.com/

Official FAQ: http://lotro.turbine.com/index.php?page_id=52&siid=4





General LOTR Stuff:


I've had this date on my calander for a while now. The LOTR geek that I am will be taking the day off from work to get in line:



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Reserved for additional info.


Vocation Chart:


The attached chart is a list of required vocations. With 2 people with each vocation, all crafting abilities are covered. Most everyone else should be of a gathering profession to assist the guild with all its needs. - lotro-wiki



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I will begin reactivating the Sammath Naur (Crack of Doom) kinship tonight at 10:30 EST. If you can get on tonight I will send all those on the player list this thread an invite.


Please let me know if you rerolled and your information needs to be updated.


If you can't make it on tonight, let me know what night you'll be on and I'll make sure I'm online to send you an invite.

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Special Edition Acquired. :D


Me too! And Best Buy was giving a $10 gift card with purchase so I bought the Strategy Guide. It was sealed in plastic, so there was a bit of risk buying it blind. Sometimes guides offer nothing more than what's in the manual. I'm flipping through it as the game is installing and it looks like it is money well spent. Lots of helpful hints and very detailed maps.

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Yeah, there are very few guides I'll purchase. Elder Scrolls and now this. I preordered the guide with an Amazon GC I got from doing an online survey.


I already commited to the $199 lifetime membership. I've been selling signed copies of "The Children of Hurin" on ebay for $250-$350 a pop:




I purchased 10 copies at $22 per. I figured with the profits from the book $199 was a drop in the bucket. I've pretty much funded my gaming for the year and a new SVS sub.

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Prepare for battle, middle earth needs us!!!


I'm scheduling an "official" Sammath Naur Kinship meet & play for this Saturday, May 5th at 10:30PM EST.


We will still be meeting at the West Gate of Bree.


Please post your current level and recently started quests (number and quest title) and where you obtained the quest. This way it will allow kinship members at similar levels the opportunity to obtain the same quests. We could then form a fellowship(s) accordingly.


I will be posting this kinship announcement on both the lcvg.com forum and the sideshowcollectors.com forum.


Hope to see you all on Saturday.

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Skarlin is level 16 and Iolric is level 10. I haven't played as Iolric in a while. He just started as a Historian and has barely started any of the quests in Combe. Skarlin has a bunch to do in the Barrow Downs and Old Forest. He's also making progress as an armorer and has reached the 2nd tier in each of the prospector, metal smith and tailor professions. He really needs to mine some copper in order to make progress in mastering that tier 1. So he should have an abundance of bronze ingots to share, and will need some help in boiling leather. Although I've found that the people in Landroval are very much willing to do this for free if you ask nicely.


I will be out of town this weekend but look forward to the next kinship gathering.

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Remember that you can sometimes share quests with peopel you are fellowed with. :)


What's the criteria for sharing quests that others have not initiated with a NPC yet? Does it have to be a single quest that is not part of a chain of subsequent quests? Or the first in a chain of quests?

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