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Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney: Trials & Tribulations

Mark E

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I really wanted the plush doll, but the thought of waiting for delivery of the new Phoenix Wright was too painful.


For those not keeping score, yes, the third Phoenix Wright dropped today which makes me the happiest gamer alive right now. In case you were wondering, no, not a damn thing has changed in this one except for the stories. Which is fine by me, I don't know why people bag on a series for not evolving when the strength of the writing in these titles is consistently high.


The Phoenix titles are adventure games and they're more concerned with telling good, if goofy, stories rather than innovating the shit out of things. If you didn't like the others, do not apply here. :)


I'm not going into too much detail simply because I'm not that far in the game. Thus far though, lots of old familiar faces and the characterization is as enjoyable as ever (the judge, as usual, has no clue). So far one laugh out loud moment featuring the tutorial trial prosecutor who is the same as in previous games, but, uh, sort of younger. Maybe. His animation was cracking me up the whole time though.

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So far this game has been fantastic, potentially turning this into the best of the trilogy if the quality remains high.


There are definite improvements in the storytelling and I just finished the second case which had a bloody genius twist to it that I didn't see coming at all. If you like adventure games, this series continues to impress. That is all, more gushing later ;).

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I'm almost done with this game, and I have to say that the quality HAS remained high. If you're looking for a fun, well-written adventure game for your DS, you could do a lot worse than the Phoenix Wright series.


After the slightly lower quality of Justice For All, I was pleased to see Trials & Tribulations roar back to the high mark set by the first game. Things make a lot more sense in terms of evidence to present, with far fewer leaps of logic. The game does some very, very interesting character swapping and the laughs are very funny.


I have to admit a soft spot for the recurring character of the Canadian judge, who embraces almost every stereotype known to man. There's also a fairly obscure Scooby Doo reference in the third case that had me getting strange looks from my wife because I was laughing at the screen. If you've played either of the other titles, there is a HUGE payoff in the last case that I cannot in any good conscience spoil, but I think those of you who enjoy the series will be tickled pink by.


It's going to be sad saying goodbye to Phoenix, but as it stands it looks like he's going out on a particularly high note. Hopefully the next game in the series will be just as good :tu.

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