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Beautiful Katamari (PS3, X360)


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Is it XBLA, or a regular $60 game? Because although I've never played it, I've always assumed it is a low production value, but fun game. Sounds like it is more appropriate at a $15 XBLA game than a $60 game up against GTA4.


The original sold for a mere $20 while the sequel sold for $30. I think part of the reason for the pricing has to do with the fact that it was such an outrageous title for American audiences and this was the only way they could sell it here.


That said, I agree that this would be a great dowloadable game. Either that or release it as a value priced title like the first two.

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Waaaaay before the US version came out... my friends and I were CONSTANTLY playing the import PS2 version. I still think that the story was much funnier in indecipherable Japanese...


Never did have a PS2 myself, so I'll definitely be picking this up for 360. I for one would pay the full $59.99 price for this, but don't tell Konami that. :)

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More details:




A completely new Katamari game for the Xbox 360 and PS3


Same colorful, simple gameplay


Supports 720p


Seamless Katamari growth, increased draw distance and physics, lots more on-screen objects


New and returning playable cousins brings the total to over 50


New presents


New soundtrack


Online play via Xbox Live and PSN, with downloadable content


Possible implementation of online leaderboards


More Pics:












Only 720p, so most definitely Xbox 360 for me.

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I merged your thread with the existing Katamari discussion thread Zyzomys. It's worth noting that the exclusivity of Katamari is still very much a rumor until something official is out there (though it certainly looks like it's happening).


For those keeping interested, Eternal Sonata is all but announced for the Playstation 3 at the moment. A good bit of rumors floating around for that one as well.

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I hope the 360 exclusive rumor isn't true. My 360 never gets played and I'd planned on dumping it soon. I don't want to keep it around for just one game, but I do love my Katamari.
If the 360 is just one game to you. Then how many games is the PS3 (assuming you mean the PS3 since we're talking about Katamari.) Most people consider the PS3 to be one game at the moment (Resistance). So I assume you're talking about the inevitable MGS, FF, platformers, and various JRPGs coming out in the next couple years.
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PS3 has one good game right now, Resistance, which is one more than the 360 has. Plus I now use it to play my PS1 and PS2 library (now with upscaling!). Resistance alone isn't enough to justify owning the console, but there are great games on the horizon. Oh, and it plays them Blu-ray movies.


So, I already feel like I'm getting my money's worth out of the PS3, whereas the 360 was a total waste. I use it as little shelf on which I stack the cases for the CDs, games, and DVDs I currently have inserted in my various other players.

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