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Earth Defense Force 2017 (X360)


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Did anyone pick up this game other than me?


I remembered seeing a preview for this game a couple months ago on the 1UP Show and stumbled upon it used at Gamestop. I knew it was one of those games that would only have one pressing, so I picked it up.


Someone else on LCVG HAS to be mashing giant herds of red ants, UFOs, and giant robots! ;)

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Someone else on LCVG HAS to be mashing giant herds of red ants, UFOs, and giant robots!

Of course. I've had since release and utterly adore it. It's 40 bucks. Technically it's absolute garbage but then it's supposed to be. It also happens to be one of the downright most fun balls to the wall shooters out there.:tu I'm currently on level 23 or so and it just gets better and better. If you walk into this expecting some deep multi-layered shooter you're completely offbase. EDF tasks you with shooting stuff. When you're done doing that you need to shoot more stuff. When you're done doing THAT....you shoot even more stuff and I wouldn't have it any other way.:rock

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Have it rented for the next few days and a buddy of mine are going through it.


first off....Great little game. Very addicting. Who cares about the plot..just run and gun. :)


second. EDF.....ummm did these guys rip off the Godzilla movies? Cause the guys that fight Godzilla and friends are called the "Earth Defence Force" too! Check out Godzilla Final Wars and see them get mentioned!!


third. Buy when it comes down to $20.00 Canadian. It's great but not at $60.00 here in Canada.


fourth. Since when do ants and spiders team up together? And not to be bitchy or anything but spiders are not insects! :) oh those alien flying machines should have been overgrown house flies to fit better with the plot! :)


Best weapon against the robots.....machine guns. Keep firing at them and they can't fire back at you! You juggle them with your bullets!


if you play 2 player mode..The one guy has to carry at all times the sentry guns!! I had the machine gun and rocket launcher and my friend last night had both Sentry guns that are available. We stopped at 3:00 am in the morning on level 32. :)

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Finally saw a copy in-store, so I finally bought it :) Utterly utterly fantastic despite the obvious low budget production values. It's "only" $40 here in the US.


Keith, "Serious Sam" is a great comparision, though the structure around the game is very different. You only ever have two weapons in a level - you choose them at the beginning from your inventory. But there's tons of huge big bugs to kill, and there's tons of cheesy Japanese B-movie inspired dialogue & action sequences. The barebones action isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea, but I'm loving it.

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Great "post-mortem" interview with the director of EDF, Takehiro Homma.


Five years ago I started questioning the course of Japanese games. My issues comes down to these two points:


The games are becoming too complex.


I see a lot of games that put too much focus on the graphics, and neglect the core game-play.


First and foremost, I believe a game should be ‘fun’. And unfortunately, I feel like the recent trend has strayed from this quality. As a producer, I started to think I must create games that are “easy to play” while offering game-play that is addictively entertaining. This was the concept on which the “SIMPLE2000 THE Earth Defense Force” was made, with a price tag of 2,000 yen. The good sales of the original lead us to develop the sequel, “THE Earth Defense Force 2”. It is our pleasure to bring the series to Xbox 360 platform with our third installment.


Rock on! Still utterly enjoying EDF.

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We do hope to incorporate online co-op play in the next installment, but not with the cost of cutting down the essential components of the current game, such as the massive number of enemy characters. So, although it might sound pretty challenging, we would like to develop a co-op mode that keeps the current core gameplay.


I hope they can get it to work.

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