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Game Over - The most inaccessable game ever!


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Game Over!


"Game Over!" is the world's first (and hopefully only) universally inaccessible game. This practically means that it is a game that can be played by no one. But why was such a game created? Well, the goal of Game Over! is to be used as an educational tool for disseminating, understanding and consolidating game accessibility guidelines.


Game accessability is something I'm becoming more & more aware of, mainly due to working with a designer who is heavily involved in pushing accessabilty within the industry & the IGDA etc. There's a huge amount of games out there that are practically unplayable by anyone colour blind, deaf, disabled, etc. And often, there's no reason why the games should be so inaccessable bar the developer/publisher simply failing to provide a few key options - options that even the 'average' player often takes advantage of like key remapping, subtitles etc.


"Game Over" is a cool little research project that attempts to present how ordinary games appear to those people marginalised by their inaccessability. How does a game level appear if you're colour blind? Or if you can't mangle the keys fast enough? The game's a simple space invaders clone. Go on, give it a try ;)

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Neat idea!


I've always been a big fan of key remapping, but I can also understand the desire to communicate the simplest and most standardized interface possible. I've also made use of subtitles in a lot of games to account for everything from room noise (so I can carry on a conversation while playing) to bad audio mixes. Never really thought much about going to all out closed captions though-I don't think I've ever played anything that has full on captions for background noises.

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I am color blind, and puzzle games just kill me. I tried out Luxor 2 last night, and thought it was really cool. But I couldn't friggin tell the difference between red and green. It was so frustrating. I even have problems in games like Halo playing multiplayer games sometimes. I was shocked when I saw a color blind mode in, what the hell is the name of that XBLA space puzzler? Anyway, it was refreshing.

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