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Best source for game reviews?

Anthony G

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Hello all,


I'm trying to get an idea of where everybody goes when they are looking for reviews on games. I find most sites have a great deal of bias. For example, EA, with it's major advertizing resources gets incredible reviews on their Xbox games even though they will not do the live thing. Since I collect xbox games I have developed a pretty decent collection. I have found some games that were crushed in reviews actually provided a tremendous amount of fun. My source is IGN. On the whole they are pretty good. But I have had instances where I purchased a game with high reviews that just didn't deliver and vice versa. Maybe the reviewers review the game with the idea that somebody will be paying 50 bucks for the game. Except for Halo, Gotham and DOA I have never paid more than 20 since then. Maybe a game at 20 is better than it would be at 50? If anybody has any games that were ripped to pieces by "reviewers" but actually enjoyed the game, I would like to know.


See on Live!


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If anybody has any games that were ripped to pieces by "reviewers" but actually enjoyed the game, I would like to know.


Too many to count Lupo, too many to count. I've always maintained and I think its important to note even when LCVG reviews start going up, its important to give any game that you feel interests you a try, regardless of reviews. Mind you I don't mean you have to go out and shell out 50 bucks for something that you may or may not enjoy but a good rental or hell even a friend you can use a test subject ;) can get the job done.


I do believe reviews when given to an educated consumer (and done properly) can be one of the best sources of information and can really help people make good buying decisions. Even in those cases , a review comes down to a matter of one or even hundreds of opinions. At times your experience with a title may be completely opposite of what you've read and had you not at least given the game a chance you may have missed out on something you might really cherish. Of course that doesn't mean you have to go out and try Bruce Lee or Kabuki Warriors. Lets be reasonable here :D.

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I tend to ignore scores and go by what the reviewers describe as problems with games. I either go 'Damn, I'd never be able to put up with that shit.' or 'Why is that such a big freakin' deal?'. We all have different tastes so it's just one of those things. I generally know if I'm going to pick up a game so I look to reviews to cement or dissuade me.


I tend to read GameSpy, IGN, and GameSpot for reviews, though I only ever really care about the opinions in the latter. GameSpy ranks lowest for me personally.

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