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Luke Smith leaving 1up

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The 1up podcast is my favorite podcast, out of all podcasts available. And a big part of that is Luke Smith. I find him very entertaining, and an important component to that podcast. I'm kind of sad about it actually. I have to admit my man crush.


He won't say where he's going. But I wouldn't be surprised if it were Microsoft. Any guesses?

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Apparently he's going there to "revive" the Bungie podcast.
That can't be it. At least, not by itself. There isn't enough material to cover in a podcast for one developer. At least, to make it interesting. Even if it is Bungie. Sure, the podcast could be interesting for a few months, but really, how interesting is a podcast going to be dedicated to such a specific topic. I stopped listening to Major Nelson's podcast simply because there just aren't enough interesting things going on within only the 360 world to make it interesting.


That being said, I'd be VERY interested in a Luke hosted bungie podcast as Halo 3 ramps up. And even Halo Wars after that. I just think he must have some other responsibility. Like perhaps Frank O'conner is leaving?

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I'm curious as to what he'll be doing also. Community Manager is always a good guess with things like this, but Frank O'Conner is there for that. I guess he could be moving up within the company too. I guess we'll see though.


I am a bit disappointed that he's leaving though. I started listening to the 1UP podcasts rather religiously a few months ago, and 1UP Yours is of course my favorite and the Podcasts have really changed my habits in game website surfing. I used to be on Gamespot almost exclusively, and would barely ever visit 1UP because I find the site slow and confusing. While it's still slow, and still poorly designed, I've been visiting it way more than Gamespot lately.


I think the main reason for that is because the Podcasts (and 1up Show) really give the editors a chance to create even more of a personality for themselves. More than the magazines, blogs and online articles ever can, and you feel like you get to know the guys and wish you could be sitting with them talking about games the way they do.


I'm sure 1UP Yours will continue on nicely. Shane will always be entertaining, and I really like John a lot too, and you can throw in Mark McDonald or Brian Intihar, and you're good. I'm more concerned about Legendary Thread. Luke's really the reason I listen to it every week, as he always manages to say something that cracks me up every week.

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