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In search of a vintage GI Joe collector


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the big 12" ones from the 60s that is.


I happened upon a lot of them at a garage sale this morning and knew they were pretty collectable so I picked them up. Within 20 minutes of listing it on eBay I've had people email me asking to BIN ASAP at big bucks (relative to what I paid). I turned them down at first but I'm getting some high pressure sales pitches.


I'm trying to find out more about what I have.


So any Joeheads out there?

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Well all I can say is make sure they are indeed from the 60's because they re-released the 12 inch ones back in the 80's for the movie. I'd do a google search for GI JOE Collectibles and see what you can find.


Nice find though! I'd keep them myself but hey I'm a nutjob! :)

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Wow, nice find! I'm not really into toy collecting, but I know a little about it. As long as what you have isn't a reissue of some sort (which it doesn't sound like), then you might have gotten incredibly lucky. If you're selling to collectors, they should be pretty cool for the most part, and you should be able to make a few bucks (as well as make a collector very happy). Just make sure you don't misrepresent what you have, especially with regards to condition/completeness of the item. Not sure if you've posted pics with the auction, but it might be a good idea so that people don't think they're bidding on something different than what's being offered.


I should really start going to more garage sales. Best I ever did was made 40 bucks off of a box of Intellivision stuff someone left out for the trash :)

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