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Pirates of the Carribean At World's End (PS3, 360, Wii)

Romier S

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I've no idea if the gameplay will actually be there for this one (I'm not hopeful since it's Eurocom developing) but I must say they certainly got the visuals down. The game will support full 1080p native on both the 360 and the PS3. There is a Wii version as well along with your typical portable releases. You can read a preview for it over a Gamespot:


Pirates of the Carribean Preview


The first level that we were shown before being allowed to play the game ourselves was set in Singapore, and it will see you assuming the role of Will Turner as he attempts to escort Elizabeth Swann and Barbossa to safety through a network of alleys and raised walkways. There were plenty of pirates in town with other ideas, of course, and they wasted no time making their intentions known with swords, muskets, and the like. The offensive moves you'll have at your disposal include sword attacks, punches, grabs, and the use of any offhand weapons that you've found. You'll also be able to perform some flamboyant counterattacks and evasive moves by facing enemies who are about to attack you and tapping a button when they move to strike—as indicated by a red circle appearing at their feet. Your arsenal won't be particularly varied, then, but you'll be encouraged to mix up your moves as much as possible because that's how you fill up the special attack meter used to power finishing moves. Those one-hit-kill moves are the only way to beat many of the minibosses, and they're also a great way to earn notoriety. You'll only have one finishing move for each of your characters at the start of your adventure, but you'll earn more as you progress, and you can then earn bonus notoriety by using the "correct" finisher when its corresponding button is highlighted on the screen.


Here is some footage of the game from Gametrailers.com:


Pirates of the Carribean At World's End Gameplay Footage


More Pirates Footage


They certainly got the animation down pat. Even down to Jack's distinctive walk.







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Disney stopped by our corporate offices to show off the game to our buying team. Our main buyer (who it the most serious gamer on the planet) gave some incredible feedback on this title. He even mentioned entering the session with a bad attitude after playing the last Pirates game (which sucked, apparently).

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Just played through the demo. The game clearly encompasses sequences from the second film in order to get the story going as the demo takes place in the prison from the beginning of Dead Man’s Chest that Jack escapes from. In the game you see how he makes his escape as that’s your objective here.


Graphically it’s superb. It absolutely captures the atmosphere of the movies and the character animation, particularly for Jack, is excellent. The voices are not those of the original cast, but the Jack is pretty close and the Will Turner sounds is actually more masculine than Orlando Bloom could hope to be. :) Mackenzie Crook and Stellen Skarsgard are actually credited for their voice work, so some of the film cast is present. Cary Elwes is also present. Is he in either sequel or is he doing voice work for games these days?


The music was also a surprise. For the most part the game’s music (by Steve Duckworth and Mark Griskey) is entirely original to the game, but picks at the Hans Zimmer themes and incorporates them beautifully (in fact there’s an arrangement of Jack’s theme after completion of the demo that I felt was better than any Zimmer arrangement I’ve heard).


On to gameplay. The controls are quite complicated, but this seems very much down to the variety of moves on offer to the player. At times it feels clunky as I stumbled to remember which button does what (there’s lots of use of the shoulder buttons and triggers), and there are a couple of things that could perhaps have been better thought out, but on the whole once you get the hang of it your timing with the controls ends up being surprisingly affective with the on screen action. The demo level, and it really is a demo with advice and hints/tutorials regarding the controls throughout, takes you through swordplay, picking up and using objects, using a pistol, dodging enemy attacks (some great and varied animation there) and finishing moves. There are some quick time events to get to grips with too.


At the end it introduces a second form of play which is a duelling system where for important (boss/sub boss?) fights the action draws you in closer to the characters and on the left of screen you see three orbs, one above the other, and when one of them glows you push up or down respectively as quick as you can in order to defend yourself. This works quite well, but again it adds a whole new set of controls and special moves to remember.


On the whole, I think this seems very promising.

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You boys didn't take it out of the shrink wrap yet, did you?

Yep and I'm rather enjoying it thus far so a big fat blah to the reviews. It's not perfect but in comparison to Spiderman 3 it's a helluvalot more solid a game IMHO. The graphics engine is absolutely gorgeous (no, really you must see it motion as it looks utterly stellar!) and while I agree the combat can become a bit monotonous at times, there's a good deal of solid ideas behind it that help to differentiate it. The game has a decent challenge to it also.

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I've played it for about 7 hours or so so far.. Really Impressed with everything from The graphics and gameplay.. The characters look pretty much Identical to characters in the movies!(Nothing better then using Keira Knightley in a game) Love the fact that in select battles you can control Jack, Will and Elizabeth at the same time.. It does take some getting used to but easy to learn..


The Sword Fighting is some of the best I've seen in any game in the last couple of years.. The individual Sword fights do get frustrating but again takes a little time to get used to.. Some of the cut scene during this battle are funny as hell.

It might be because im a Huge Pirates Fan, but It replaces KING KONG as my favorite movie based video game.


EDIT!!!- 8 1/2 of game play and I finished the Game.. Enjoyed every minute.. Except you don't get an achievement for beating the last level!!

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