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$20 or free Psyclone PSC01 system selector


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Hey guys


I've got a Psyclone PSC01 video switch. I got it cheap refurbed on ebay for like $40 shipped. This, like the joytech and most other sub-$100 component video switches, isn't perfect. Apparently it affects the signal somehow.


It works perfectly with my projector and seemed like a great unit. I spent like an hour rewiring my a/v cabinet and then I found out...it doesn't play nice with my Olevia LCD. the LCD TV loses sync with the picture on bright white scenes.


It's too bad because it looks great on the projector. :(


So here's the deal. I sell it to anyone who wants it for $20 + shipping. If it works for your setup, cool. If not, I'll refund you the $20. No risk except for the shipping cost.


I don't have the remote or anything else for it, but a universal should work or you can hit the switch manually (or like a harmony).

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