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The Tap is back!

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Brilliant. Tap, Foo Fighters, Beastie Boys and the Chili Peppers would be enough to leave me wanting to go (the rest of the Wembley line up isn't thrilling me). It’s long sold out though. At least I think it is. The ticket allocation program set up in April is a bit confusing.


I wonder what the power consumption will be for staging and broadcasting these concerts. :)

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I still have The Return of Spinal Tap on LD (along with both the DVD and LD versions of the Criterion release of the first film, by the way) and it's, meh, alright.


There is one particularly funny bit where...

Nigel reveals he has become an inventor and shows his invention of the folding wine glass (which doesn't work, to say the least), which made me laugh.


Oh and if I remember correctly... Derek became a telephone sanitizer and David teaches girls' football (AKA: soccer ;) and owns a store that sells itchy sweaters.


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Huh. I had never even heard of The Return of Spinal Tap. Probably for a reason, but I'll add it to the Netflix Queue.

The director said the new short film explains what the band has been doing with their lives lately. Nigel has been raising miniature horses to race, but can't find jockeys small enough to ride them; David is now a hip-hop producer who also runs a colonic clinic; and Derek is in rehab for addiction to the Internet.
Yep, that sounds about right.
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