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One Last Cigarette

Rob B

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Well besides it being the title to a pretty kick ass Bon Jovi song, I have decided that the square I have left in the box will be may last one.



As some of you know I had started smoking again in October, when I kicked my now ex-wife out of my life for cheating. I pretty much been going though only two pacs a week since than.


I don't exactly know why I started up again at this particular time. Maybe it was/is just my way dealing with it the heratache,dissapointment, and stress of this sudden change in my life. Since alcoholism runs in my family, mind you everyone is now sober and has been for years,.I vowed I would never go down that road and even with something as painful and stressful as A divorce I still steered clear of that road.


Hmmm Interesting thought I just had there maybe this why when I was going to ridge water I had started smoking again, this was the time I had found about my Daughters medical stuff and the surgeries and what not taking place.


So Anyway back to today I'm about to step outside and smoke my last Marlboro and than take it hour by hour and of course day by day one day at a time. I will prob just post on here how I do each day. I think the hardest part is going to be at work because I'm stationary and don't have the distractions that I have when I am at home.


I should note that I don't blame her in any way for the decison I made to start smoking it was my way and mine alone of dealing with it a "crutch" if you will or "five for five B" wich ever refrenece you perfer

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I know you were going to do this for your New Year's resolution, but hopefully you can make it stick this time. On a related note, I think I'm going to try to kick my heroin, coke, and meth addictions this year. Hopefully, it won't be too hard.

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